What does your complex mean?

What does your complex mean?

an emotional problem caused by unreasonable fears or worries. have/develop a complex about something: I used to have a complex about being in crowds. give someone a complex: If you keep telling her she’s clumsy, you’ll give her a complex.

What does a complex answer mean?

difficult to understand or find an answer to because of having many different parts: It’s a very complex issue to which there is no straightforward answer.

What is complex in a sentence?

A complex sentence is a sentence that contains an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence, but a dependent clause even though it has a subject and a verb cannot stand alone.

Does complex mean complicated?

If a problem is complex, it means that it has many components. Complexity does not evoke difficulty. On the other hand, complicated refers to a high level of difficulty. If a problem is complicated, there might be or might not be many parts but it will certainly take a lot of hard work to solve.

What is a complex sentence for kids?

A complex sentence is a sentence that is made up of one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. Independent clauses have a subject and a simple predicate and can stand alone as a sentence. For example, Mice love cheese.

What is the difference between a simple and a complex problem?

Simple problems are solved just by following obvious rules — there’s only one solution and it’s intuitive. Complicated domains are ones where the rules are known and predictable — but the rules are significant and cannot be instinctively understood without some training.

Is complex the same as difficult?

What is simple and complex sentences?

A simple sentence consists of only one clause. A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. A complex sentence has at least one independent clause plus at least one dependent clause. A set of words with no independent clause may be an incomplete sentence, also called a sentence fragment.

What is a complex sentence 6th grade?

A complex sentence is made up of an independent clause and a dependent clause. The dependent clause usually begins with a subordinating conjunction such as after, although, as, because, before, if, since, unless, until, when, or while. If she ever gets the chance, Terri would love to visit the Egyptian pyramids.

What is simple and compound?

A SIMPLE SENTENCE has one independent clause. Punctuation note: NO commas separate two compound elements (subject, verb, direct object, indirect object, subjective complement, etc.) in a simple sentence. 2. A COMPOUND SENTENCE has two independent clauses joined by.

What is the difference between complex system and simple system?

A Simple system is one that has a single path to a single answer. If you want to get to the solution, there is one, and only one, way to do it. A Complicated system is one that has multiple paths to a single answer. To get to the answer, you have multiple different choices you can make.

What is complex sentence in Class 4?

What is complex and compound?

A compound sentence is a sentence in which two or more independent clauses are joined together with a coordinating conjunction, like “for” and “yet,” or a conjunctive adverb, such as “however” and “nevertheless.” A complex sentence is a sentence that has one independent clause and one or more subordinate clauses that …

What is the difference between simple and complex problems?

What is the meaning of complex system?

A complex system is an arrangement of a great number of related but various elements with intricate relationships and interconnections.

Is simple and complex related?

By definition, the words simple and complex are antonyms. Complex is complicated, simple is not complicated—literally exact opposites.

What is the difference between simple and complex systems?

What is an example of a complex problem?

Examples include climate change, world poverty, the global financial crisis, child abuse, terrorism and drug abuse. Each of these examples of complex problems impact directly on individuals, families and communities and have implications for the lives of real people.

What is the meaning of complexly?

Define complexly. complexly synonyms, complexly pronunciation, complexly translation, English dictionary definition of complexly. adj. 1. a. Consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts; composite: complex equipment with multiple components. b. Composed of two or more units: a…

composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite: a complex highway system. characterized by a very complicated or involved arrangement of parts, units, etc.: complex machinery. so complicated or intricate as to be hard to understand or deal with: a complex problem. Grammar.

What is the origin of the word complex?

The verb use is the oldest of the three, with an original meaning of “to join or unite.” Complex comes from the Latin complecti, which means “to entwine around, to embrace,” a word that is based in part on plectere (“to braid”).

What is a biochemistry complex?

Biochemistry. an entity composed of molecules in which the constituents maintain much of their chemical identity: receptor-hormone complex, enzyme-substrate complex. Chemistry. to form a complex with.