What is the big family secret in Bloodline?

What is the big family secret in Bloodline?

The biggest secret, revealed in Season 1, is the death of Danny Rayburn. Now that the third and final season is streaming on Netflix, we’re throwing open doors of the Rayburn family closet.

What was the ending of Bloodline all about?

At the end of season 3, Meg escapes Florida, moving across the country and changing her name, while Kevin is on his way to prison. Meanwhile, John might finally be coming clean about Danny’s death, but after everything that’s happened, people genuinely think he’s crazy and don’t believe him, or they just don’t care.

Does John ever get caught in Bloodline?

John got away with the crime, in a legal sense, but the guilt has wrecked him mentally and emotionally; breaking the Rayburn clan’s cycle of lies would ostensibly set him free, but if Nolan then went to the cops, he’d likely end up incarcerated. About the decision to leave it open-ended, showrunner Todd A.

Who is the woman Danny sees in Bloodline?

In season 3, he’s seen with Beth Mackey (Hani Avital). She is a Rayburn, technically – the result of Robert’s affair – but she isn’t tied to the family. Away from the Rayburns, outside their sphere, she’s a happy, productive member of society.

Why did Danny’s dad beat him in Bloodline?

Danny’s father never forgave him for Sarah’s death and abused him so severely that the physical injuries persisted into his adulthood.

What happened to Sarah Rayburn?

Danny’s dysfunctional relationship with his family primarily stems from the untimely death of his younger sister, Sarah, when he was a teenager. Danny took Sarah out on a boat. Her seahorse necklace fell into the water, and when she attempted to retrieve it, she drowned.

What happens to Sally Rayburn?

Why did Meg disappear on Bloodline?

Indeed, it’s Marco’s brutal murder by youngest Rayburn brother Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) that prompts Meg to move away and change her identity.

Who is John Rayburn’s father?

After his service in the Navy, Robert retired and created The Rayburn House, a family business that was fairly successful. He was married to Sally Rayburn and had 5 children; Danny, John, Kevin, Sarah, and Meg.

Is John dead on Bloodline?

It’s a deeply personal and conflicted story. In terms of what the audience thinks they want, obviously there are ways of telling the story where they get arrested, where John gets killed, where there’s a comeuppance for these characters.

Why did Danny take Sarah on the boat?

This prompted Danny (the eldest brother) to take Sarah out on the boat in the hopes of cheering her up, despite John’s countless warnings of how she’s not supposed to go out there without an adult present.

Who is Danny Rayburn sending money to?

Over the course of the season, we see Danny mail checks to an undisclosed address — by the finale, it seems likely that the money was sent to his secret teenage son, Nolan, and Nolan’s mother (both of whom will be regulars in Season 2).