What suburb is Melbourne Park in?

What suburb is Melbourne Park in?

Melbourne Park is a sports venue in the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

How many courts does Melbourne Park have?

39 courts
There are 39 courts in total at Melbourne Park – 33 hard courts and six clay courts. Approximately 15,000 seats and is currently undergoing an amazing new facelift under the Melbourne & Olympic Park Redevelopment. This is a ticketed arena.

What is 1573 arena named for?

distillery Luzhou Laojiao
For the 2019 Australian Open and onwards, it was renamed 1573 Arena for commercial purposes, after Chinese distillery Luzhou Laojiao, producer of a baijiu labelled Guojiao 1573, made a five-year sponsorship deal with Tennis Australia, which also featured corner signage on both Margaret Court and Rod Laver Arena.

Where in Melbourne is Melbourne Park?

Melbourne Sports Precinct
Melbourne Park is a multi-sport facility situated within the Melbourne Sports Precinct on the edge of the city and is home of the first Tennis Grand Slam of the year – the Australian Open.

Which court is John Cain arena?

John Cain Arena is the main home court of National Basketball League (NBL) teams Melbourne United and South East Melbourne Phoenix.

What kind of liquor is 1573?

National Cellar 1573 is a Luzhou liquor made in the wine cellar established in the Ming Dynasty‭ (‬1573‭ ‬A.D‭.). The brewing materials of‭ ‬National Cellar 1573‭ ‬include waxy red‭ ‬sorghum‭ ‬which is only produced in Luzhou at southern Sichuan‭, ‬complemented with‭ ‬different‭ ‬yeasts starter of over 600‭ ‬kinds.

What is Hisense arena now called?

Melbourne Arena
John Cain Arena

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Former names Melbourne Multi Purpose Venue (planning/construction) (2006) Vodafone Arena (2000–2008) Hisense Arena (2008–2018) Melbourne Arena (2018–2020)
Address 2 Olympic Blvd Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
Location Melbourne Park

What drink is 1573?

Guojiao 1573 is a commemorative baijiu product specially made in honour of 1573 National Treasures Cellars which is included in UN preliminary list as the world’s tangible cultural heritage and the traditional brewing craftsmanship of Luzhou Laojiao liquor as the world’s intangible heritage; it’s the highest level for …

What does KN mean at Australian Open?

Australian Open: Yes, the K and backwards N is actually KIA’s new logo. Chris Danks. 08-02-2021 • 3 min read. KIA has taken its rightful, handsomely paid for, place on every conceivable object at the Australian Open – but not as you know it.