Which state has the highest literacy rate in India map?

Which state has the highest literacy rate in India map?

Kerala is the top region by literacy rate in India. As of 2017, literacy rate in Kerala was 93.9 %. The top 5 regions also includes Lakshadweep, India, Mizoram, Tripura, and Goa.

Which is the No 1 literacy state in India?

Kerala tops the list with a 96.2 percent literacy rate.

What is the rank of India in literacy in 2020?

International Literacy Day 2020: The literacy rate of India is 77.7% while Kerala has emerged as the most literate state in the country, followed by Delhi while Andhra Pradesh has recorded the lowest literacy rate.

What is India’s 2021 illiteracy rate?

Indian States by Literacy Rate 2022 | Literacy Rate in India According to National Statistical Office (NSO) data, As of the Year, 2021 India’s average literacy rate is 77.70%. The male literacy at the India level in 2021 stands at 84.70% & female literacy stands at 70.30%.

Which city has lowest literacy rate in India?

The Indian city with lowest literacy rate is Rampur. Rampur is situated in Uttar Pradesh and shows a literacy rate of 60.74%….High Literacy.

# City Literacy
1 Nagpur 91.92
2 Chennai 90.18
3 Mumbai 89.73
4 Pune 89.56

Which state has lowest literacy rate in India?

As per the 2011 census, among states, Bihar has the lowest literacy rate of 47%. The male and female literacy rate is the lowest in Bihar (male: 71.2%, female: 51.5%) and highest in Kerala (male: 96.1%, female 92.1%).

Which state is 1st in education?

Which State has the best education system in India? Kerala is India’s most literate state, with the highest literacy rate in the country. It has constantly been regarded as having India’s best education system.

What is China literacy rate?

Global literacy rates According to UNESCO, literacy is a human right, especially in a fast-changing and technology-driven world. In China, the literacy rate has developed from 79 percent in 1982 to 97 percent in 2010, indicating that almost one million people per year had become literate over three decades.

What is Pakistan’s literacy rate?

The current literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3 which mean that an estimated population of 60 million is illiterate in the country.

What is the literacy rate in Pakistan?

Which city is most illiterate in India?

Top 10 Lowest Literate Cities of India : Ranking

2011 Census
Rank City Literacy
1 Sambhal 48.28
2 Rampur 59.47
3 Bagaha 59.84