Can Am XMR 800 horsepower?

Can Am XMR 800 horsepower?

In stock form the CAN-AM Outlander 800 produced 67.8 HP at 6700 RPM on our Land & Sea Crankshaft Dynomometer. The final development of our Slip-On Mega Power Silencer on the CAN-AM Outlander 800 produced 73.2 HP at 7100 RPM. The difference is an increase of 5.4 HP between Power peaks.

Can Am Outlander 800r specs?

Spare parts and accessories for CAN AM OUTLANDER 800/XT OUTL-800

  • Engine size: 800.
  • Cylinders:
  • hp/kW: 62/46.
  • Vehicle weight (kg): 290.
  • Seat height (mm): 877.
  • Engine idle speed: 1250 ± 50 U/MIN.
  • Carburettor air screw:
  • Tyre pressure (front): 1,6-1,9 BAR.

How much is a 2013 Can Am Outlander XMR?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $14,399 $7,900
Options (Add)
Total Price $14,399 $7,900

What is the top speed of a Can Am Outlander?

How fast will a Can-Am Outlander 570 go? The Can Am Outlander 570 top speed is 78 mph, but the advertised figure is 60-62 mph. This speed rating applies to all Outlander 570 trims. Hitting the top end should be easy, as the Outlander uses a stout Rotax engine.

How fast is a Can-Am 800?

about 70 MPH
Top Speed of the Can-Am Commander 800 & 800R XT The Can-Am Commander 800R and 800R XT top speed is about 70 MPH.

Can Am 800R XT specs?

L x W x H: 120.2 x 62.5 x 72 in. (

  • Wheelbase: 75.8 in. (
  • Ground Clearance: 11 in. (
  • Dry Weight: 1,291.4 lb (586 kg)
  • Rack Capacity: 600 lb (272 kg) Dual-Level cargo box; Upper level: 400 lb (181 kg); Lower level: 200 lb (91 kg)
  • How much horsepower does a Can Am 850 have?

    Powerful & proven Rotax engine lineup Class-leading Rotax V-Twin engines in 91-hp (1000R), 78-hp (850), and 62-hp (650) the Outlander puts all its torque down with responsive throttle, a signature roar, and power to spare.

    Is Polaris ATV vs Can-Am reliable?

    According to, owners of ATVs made by various manufacturers voted on the most reliable ATV brands. Can-Am came in as the third most reliable ATV brand. These machines are also considered top tier performance. Polaris ATV models came in fourth place for reliability.

    Can-Am Commander 800R value?


    Suggested List Price Average Retail
    Base Price $11,199 $10,275
    Options (Add)
    Total Price $11,199 $10,275

    What year did Can-Am Outlander get power steering?

    Can-Am’s Commanders and Outlander ATVs have a new Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system available for 2013.