How do I send a bulk mailer?

How do I send a bulk mailer?

6 easy steps to send bulk emails from Gmail

  1. Step 1: Connect your Gmail account.
  2. Step 2: Create your email list.
  3. Step 3: Create a sequence.
  4. Step 4: Compose your email.
  5. Step 5: Upload the list in CSV format.
  6. Step 6: Send or schedule the email.

Is Bulk Mailer free?

Mailjet’s free bulk email sender plan can be used for sending up to 6000 emails per month or up to 200 emails per day….Mailjet.

Mailjet Price Details
Free Bulk Email Sender Up to 6000 emails/month
Lite ₹704.49 Up to 30,000 emails/month
Premium ₹1529.44 Up to 30,000 emails/month

How do I do a bulk email blast?

How to Create a Bulk Email Marketing Campaign: An Unabridged Guide

  1. Build a list of interested contacts who have opted-in.
  2. Define the goal of your email campaign.
  3. Create a strategy to target the right contacts.
  4. Build an email using responsive design.
  5. Optimize the email campaign content for conversion.
  6. Test your email.

What is a bulk email message?

The term bulk email refers to emails sent to a large group of people. But, while it can be tempting and often cost-effective to email blast all recipients on your subscriber list, this approach is usually met with lukewarm engagement and can actually damage your email program’s overall success.

How do I send an email to 500 recipients?

How to Make Gmail Send More Than 500 Emails

  1. Create a second Gmail account to send to additional recipients.
  2. Purchase Google Apps for Business.
  3. Check to see whether your school offers Google Apps for Education.
  4. Create a Google Group to send frequent messages to a large group of people.

Which is the best bulk mailing software?

Five best mass email senders for bulk email blasts

  1. Sendinblue. Sendinblue is an all-in-one email marketing service that offers excellent deliverability and lets you optimize your send time.
  2. SendGrid.
  3. Elastic Email.
  4. Amazon SES.
  5. Mailjet.

How can I send unlimited emails per day?

You can now send virtually unlimited emails in Gmail. It works by connecting a third party SMTP service like SendGrid, Mailgun, or Mailjet to your GMass account. The advantages of this setup are: The ability to send virtually unlimited emails in Gmail and avoid Gmail’s sending limits.

What is the difference between spam and bulk?

Whereas spam is a constant threat, bulk email is often one-time advertisements or marketing messages. Some users want bulk email messages (and in fact, they have deliberately signed up to receive them), while other users consider bulk email to be spam.

How can I send bulk emails without spamming?

How to send bulk emails without spamming

  1. Clean up your email list.
  2. Avoid misleading subject lines.
  3. Do not send image-only emails.
  4. Use HTML best practices in your email.
  5. Include a prominent unsubscribe button.
  6. Optimise your email content.
  7. Build your list organically.
  8. Run spam tests before sending.