What are the UK 2m ham channels and frequencies?

What are the UK 2m ham channels and frequencies?

The 2m FM voice calling frequency is 145.500MHz and the 70cm FM voice calling frequency is 433.500MHz.

Where can I find ham repeaters in my area?

How to Choose a Repeater

  1. Ask Local Hams. The first place to check for repeater recommendations is with local hams that are active on VHF/UHF FM.
  2. Search The Internet. Another useful approach is to do an Internet search on “amateur radio repeater” and your location (name of city or town).
  3. Listen.
  4. Making a Contact.

How far can a repeater reach?

Repeaters within signal range of each other cannot transmit on the same frequency and PL tone without causing interference. Repeater range is roughly 25 miles. Areas of higher network usage require more repeaters than areas of less network usage in order to provide coverage for all operators and minimize interference.

How far can a HAM repeater reach?

If your signal bounces off of just one repeater, the range can get up to 50 miles. With a strong network of repeaters, a transmission could be daisy-chained to span the country. A repeater can’t receive and transmit at the same time on the same frequency, just like normal transceivers. This is called simplex.

Do you call CQ on 2 meters?

The conventional wisdom in amateur radio is that we should not call CQ when using FM on the VHF and UHF bands, especially on repeaters. The reasoning for this is that during normal VHF/UHF FM operating, radio amateurs are tuned to a specific frequency and will easily hear a call on FM.

What is the 70cm calling frequency UK?

The Seventy Centimetre (70cm) band within the UK is 10MHz wide commencing at 430MHz and extending through to 440MHz. The band is allocated to the Amateur Service with Secondary status and includes additional restrictions in parts of the band.

Can I set up my own ham repeater?

The regulations for an amateur radio repeater are fairly minimal. To answer your specific questions: “Does one need a particular license?” Your license must permit transmissions on the repeater output frequency. That is, general or higher for 10m, technician or higher for higher frequency bands.

Is Murs better than FRS?

Compared with FRS (Family Radio Service) at 460 MHz: MURS (at 150 MHz) permits four times more power (2 Watts TPO instead the 0.500 Watts ERP limit for FRS). At MURS frequencies, signals bend over hills better, but FRS signals are better at bouncing off of surfaces and penetrating into/escaping out of buildings.

How do I extend my Wifi signal to another building 300 feet away?

The simplest way to connect to buildings wirelessly is via a Wi-Fi repeater (range extender). A Wi-Fi repeater connects to your Wi-Fi devices and a Wi-Fi router in your home and retransmits any data it receives. A Wi-Fi repeater will only work if it can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi router with a good enough signal.