What is Klingersil gasket?

What is Klingersil gasket?

KLINGERSIL C-4401 is a universal gasket material for use in a wide range of applications. The general purpose gasket material has excellent sealability and chemical resistance. This material is manufactured with aramid fiber reinforced with a nitrile binder.

What is Cnaf material?

Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre is a high grade sealing and jointing material. With material benefits including resistance to compression, chemicals and high temperatures, Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre meets a variety of demands.

What is a Garlock gasket?

Some Garlock Gaskets are made of a compressed non-asbestos gasket sheet of aramid fibers and high temperature fillers with a neoprene (CR) binder. Garlock gaskets are one of the best types of gaskets because of their durability, lifespan, and useability for different types of projects.

What is Klingersil material?

KLINGERsil is a range of asbestos-free calendared sealing materials able to cover a wide range of applications based around a number of different fibres and rubber binders. All KLINGERsil materials are manufactured with KLINGER’s unparalleled levels of quality control to meet KLINGER’s high specifications.

What is af120 gasket?

A compressed synthetic Aramid fibre jointing sheet bonded with elastomers to create a matrix of stability. Colour: Green. Service Conditions. Suitable for light industrial applications.

What is a PTFE gasket?

PTFE gaskets are made of synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene consisting completely of carbon and fluorine. It is innately hydrophobic (repelling water and water-containing substances) and has one of the lowest coefficients of friction against any solid.

What is RX and BX in gaskets?

Style RX is interchangeable with oval and octagonal ring gaskets, using the same flange, if the flange groove is flat bottom. Style BX gasket has a square cross section with beveled corners and is designed for use only in flanges API 6BX. Style BX is recommended for pressures from 5000 psi up to 20, 000 psi.

What temp is Garlock good for?

Corrosion-resistant THERMa-PUR is the only gasket material designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures up to 1,832°F / 1,000°C.

Is Garlock oil resistant?

DURAGOLD™ Cone Packing Packing that is formulated for excellent resistance to petroleum oils and gasoline.