What is segmental Mandibulectomy?

What is segmental Mandibulectomy?

Segmental mandibulectomy: The entire jaw bone is removed and then reconstructed. A bone from another part of your body (leg, back, arm or hip) is used to make a new jaw. This is called a “free flap.” Skin grafts and muscle flaps may also be used.

How long does a segmental Mandibulectomy take?

This will take 3 to 4 hours. Your head and neck surgeon will send the tumor and surrounding tissue to the Pathology Department for testing. Once your head and neck surgeon has completed their part of the surgery, the reconstruction can be done.

What is total Mandibulectomy?

Total mandibulectomy: Removal of the whole mandible. including bilateral disarticulation (Figure 1). 2. Partial mandibulectomy: Resection of any part of. the mandible, leaving the unaffected part intact e.g. segmental mandibulectomy and marginal mandibulectomy.

What is Hemi Mandibulectomy?

Hemimandibulectomy is a complex operation, performed for diseases of the lower jaw (mandible), which include: Tumours – The procedure is usually performed on malignant growths involving either the alveolar ridge and the mandible, or adjacent structures, including the floor of the mouth.

How is a Mandibulectomy performed?

Mandibulectomy can be performed transcervically, requiring face and neck incisions that allow external exposure to the mandible, or it may be performed transorally, in which all incisions are placed intraorally. In general, the disease process drives the approach taken.

When is a Mandibulectomy needed?

Marginal mandibulectomy is necessary when the tumor abuts the mandible. If there is cortical invasion, then a segmental mandibulectomy is indicated. Marginal mandibulectomy is commonly performed for cancer of the floor of the mouth or buccal mucosa cancer that involves the gingiva.

What is Andy Gump deformity?

In the first half of the twentieth century, ablative surgery for advanced oral cavity cancers requiring mandibulectomy frequently resulted in the so‐called “Andy Gump deformity.” This was a euphemism on a 1917 popular comic strip character known for his retrognathic jaw line, and refers to an anterior mandibular defect …

What is Hemi Mandibulectomy without graft?

: surgical removal of one lateral half of the mandible.

What is Maxillectomy surgery?

A maxillectomy is an operation to remove a primary tumour in this area. Your surgeon will need to cut through your upper jaw (maxilla) to remove the tumour. The operation involves removing of some of the bone in your maxilla, part of the roof of your mouth, and possibly some of your teeth.