Which part of NSW is Queanbeyan?

Which part of NSW is Queanbeyan?

Queanbeyan /ˈkwiːnbiən/ is a city in the south-eastern region of New South Wales, Australia, located adjacent to the Australian Capital Territory in the Southern Tablelands region.

Is Queanbeyan in New South Wales or Canberra?

Queanbeyan, city, southeastern New South Wales, Australia. It lies along the Queanbeyan River, just southeast of the Australian Capital Territory.

Is Queanbeyan a good suburb?

“Good place to buy, cheaper than Canberra but has good capital growth” Queanbeyan is the NSW sister of Canberra- takes about 20 minutes to drive into Canberra Centre. It is cheaper, has houses on bigger blocks for the same price and has all the facilities.

What is Queanbeyan known for?

Queanbeyan is a city which seems to have a split personality. It is located on the Queanbeyan River less than 15 km from Canberra and consequently it has the identity of a commuter belt town for the Australian capital while also being a service centre for the surrounding agricultural and pastoral industries.

Is Queanbeyan metro or regional?

Metro Satellites Metro Satellite FERs include towns such as Gosford, Queanbeyan, Maitland, Kiama, Lithgow and Tweed Heads. Metro Satellites are home to 53 per cent of regional NSW’s population and produce the highest economic output of the five broad categories.

Is Queanbeyan Rural?

Land use. The Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council area is predominantly rural, with growing residential and rural-residential areas, particularly in the west, closest to Canberra.

Is Queanbeyan considered regional NSW?

Queanbeyan is a city located in the Southern Inland Region of NSW and also, categorized under Southern Inland Regional Development Area.

Is Karabar a good suburb?

Karabar has the second highest housing forecast price growth in Australia. Two suburbs in the Canberra-Queanbeyan region have taken out the top rankings in Australia for affordable locations with the highest housing forecast price growth in the next three years.

Is Queanbeyan in rural NSW?

You may also live within a 30 minute commute of Canberra as long as you are working in Canberra e.g., Queanbeyan. Queanbeyan is a city located in the Southern Inland Region of NSW and also, categorized under Southern Inland Regional Development Area.

How many people are in Queanbeyan?

The population estimate for Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council area as of the 30th June 2021 is 63,491. Since the previous year, the population has grown by 2.02%. Population growth in Regional NSW was 0.96%.

How many houses are in Queanbeyan?


All private dwellings 24,638
Average people per household 2.6
Median weekly household income $1,878
Median monthly mortgage repayments $2,080
Median weekly rent $300

Is Karabar a suburb of Queanbeyan?

Karabar is a suburb of Queanbeyan, New South Wales. It is at the southern part of the developed area of Queanbeyan—-bordering the suburbs of Queanbeyan East, Jerrabomberra, Googong and Queanbeyan. The eastern border of the suburb is defined by the Queanbeyan River.