Does orbital blowout fracture need surgery?

Does orbital blowout fracture need surgery?

Orbital Blowout Fractures Often, the fracture occurs in the orbital floor or medial wall. While some orbital fractures do not require surgery, large fractures or fractures that cause enophthalmos or diplopia do necessitate a surgical procedure.

What is a white eyed blowout fracture?

White-eyed blow out fracture (WEBOF) is a term coined by Jordan and colleagues describing the paucity of external findings with a small fracture and restrictive strabismus and diplopia and is most commonly seen in children and young adults.

How do you treat a blowout fracture?

What can be done for a simple blowout fracture?

  1. ice to decrease swelling.
  2. decongestants to aid in the drainage of blood and fluid accumulating in the sinuses.
  3. avoidance of nose blowing to prevent pressure from propelling the sinus contents into the orbit.
  4. oral steroids in some cases to decrease swelling and scarring.

How long does it take for an orbital blowout fracture to heal?

Conclusions: Orbital floor strength is regained 24 days after repair. The authors now let patients resume normal activities approximately 3 weeks after uncomplicated orbital floor fracture repair.

Can a blowout fracture heal itself?

Treatment Options The occurrence of a blowout fracture in and of itself is not necessarily an indication for surgical repair. Patients without significant displacement of the eyeball within the boney eye socket or without entrapped muscle within the fracture site usually do not require surgical repair of the fracture.

Is orbital blowout fracture serious?

Eye injuries resulting from orbital blowout fracture This is a very serious eye injury requiring hospitalization, bed rest, bilateral patching of the eyes, and sedation. This condition usually resolves itself within a few days.

What is a trapdoor fracture?

A trapdoor fracture is a rare condition defined as a minimally displaced fracture of the orbital floor that has spontaneously reduced to its original position incarcerating an extraocular muscle.

What is orbital compartment syndrome?

Orbital compartment syndrome (OCS) is a potentially blinding condition characterized by a rapid increase in intra-orbital pressure. OCS is most commonly seen in the context of intra-orbital hemorrhage secondary to either trauma or surgery.

Is a blowout fracture a medical emergency?

The majority of blow-out fractures do not require surgical intervention. Patients with orbital blow-out fractures who have minimal displacement, no diplopia, and no entrapment can be safely discharged home. All patients should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist within one week of the event.

How serious is a broken eye socket?

An eye socket fracture, or orbital fracture, occurs when one or more bones surrounding the eye are broken. An orbital fracture usually occurs after some type of injury or a strike to the face. Depending on where the fracture is located, it can be associated with severe eye injury and eye damage.

What is guardsman fracture?

A guardsman fracture, also referred to as parade ground fracture, is one of the common forms of mandibular fracture which is caused by a fall on the midpoint of the chin resulting in fracture of the symphysis as well as both condyles.