How much drag does a Shimano Tiagra have?

How much drag does a Shimano Tiagra have?

Powerful 2hp brushless 12/24VDC motor. Retrieval rate: 1000 feet per minute @ 50lbs drag.

How much drag does a Tiagra 80W have?

Max Drag (lbs): 35 lbs Strike/44 lbs Drag. Gear Ratio: 2.5:1, 1.3:1.

How much drag does a tiagra 130 have?

99 lbs
The Shimano Tiagra® TI130A has long been used by commercial fishermen and charter captains. It is the flagship from the Shimano Tiagra series this reel is huge and it was designed to catch big fish, really big fish! It has a staggering 99 lbs of drag and the stopping power to land anything in the ocean.

How much line does a Tiagra 50w hold?

A Tiagra 50w will hold 1300 yards of 80 JB hollow line one (@. 018) with minmal 30ft topshot.

What is the difference between tiagra 50wa and 50wlrsa?

the only difference in the 2 reels is the drag curve on the LRSA is steeper and more similar to the 80. The 50 WLRS/A has an 80 # drag, the SAME drag found in the 80W Tiagra. The Tiagra 50 has a 50# drag.

How much line does a Tiagra 50W hold?

How many yards is a top shot?

For “top shots”, I tie enough so that the mono to braid knot does not go thru the guides in my cast, about fifty yards. For jigging, or lobbing live bait, I just use 3-4 feet of “leader.”

What does Wlrsa mean?

W = Wide Spool, LRS = Long Range Special, meaning the drag is a bit stronger. you get higher strike, and full settings while maintaining freespool. Probably the drag curve is a little different compared to the other models too. You should find the exact specs on the shimano homepage. Btw.

What does LRSA stand for Shimano?

The LRS (Long Range Special) has a higher drag curve designed for the So Cal guys catching big tuna from a dead boat. Here’s a post about the Tiagra 50wlrs, which I would imagine shares similar upgraded drag. Tiagra 50WA vs 50W LRSA – The Hull Truth. That’s what I read about them in the past anyway.