Who won Valencia Half Marathon?

Who won Valencia Half Marathon?

Cheroben wins Valencia Half Marathon in world-leading 58:48 | REPORT | World Athletics.

Is Valencia Marathon fast?

Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon The Valencia Marathon is one of Spain’s most popular sporting events and attracts thousands of runners from around the world. The course is flat and fast and runs through the historic city of Valencia, providing ideal conditions for running a PB.

Who ran the fastest half marathon?

A few months ago, 29-year-old Marie-Ange Brumelot’s husband discovered a unique world record: fastest half marathon run by a parent and child. The current record stood at 2:58:35, set by Jonathan Scott and Clare Bovill of the United Kingdom on March 8, 2020.

Where is Valencia half marathon?

The Valencia Half Marathon (Spanish: Medio Maratón de Valencia) is an annual half marathon road running event held in Valencia, Spain, since 1988. It is categorized as a Gold Label Road Race by World Athletics.

Where does Valencia Half Marathon start?

The new course covers 21,097.5 metres, starting and ending on Avenida de Tarongers, near the University of Valencia campus and the Technical University of Valencia, with up to four lanes along both the first metres at the starting line and the finishing straight.

How many people run the Valencia Marathon?

The marathon is ranked Nº1 amongst marathons in the Spanish Road Races Ranking….

Valencia Marathon
Participants 12,674 (2021) 134 finishers (2020) 21,225 (2019) 19,504 (2018)

How long is Valencia Marathon?

The 40th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, a 42,495-metre road race will be open to everyone, whether they belong to the Federation or not. The race is also open to foreign athletes who meet the RFEA and IAAF regulations, providing competitors are 18 years old or over on the day of the trial.

How can I watch the Valencia Half Marathon 2021?

There will be a free live stream on the race Organizers YouTube channel and Apuntmedia TV.

Where is Valencia Half Marathon?

Where does the Valencia half marathon start?

What is the flattest marathon in the world?

Soak up that energy! From the site: The Chicago Marathon is known as one of the fastest, flattest marathons. The course has produced four world records, several national records and countless personal bests.”

How can I watch Valencia Marathon?

The 2021 Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP will be streamed live on YouTube and you can watch all the live action on Sunday (5). The event is part of the World Athletics Elite Platinum Label road race series and fans can expect some exciting competitions this weekend.