How does rotation work in AVL tree?

How does rotation work in AVL tree?

A single rotation applied when a node is inserted in the left subtree of a left subtree. In the given example, node C now has a balance factor of 2 after the insertion of node A. By rotating the tree right, node B becomes the root resulting in a balanced tree.

What rotation is required to balance AVL?

A double right rotation, or right-left rotation, or simply RL, is a rotation that must be performed when attempting to balance a tree which has a left subtree, that is right heavy. This is a mirror operation of what was illustrated in the section on Left-Right Rotations, or double left rotations.

What is RR rotation in AVL tree?

If the node is inserted into the right of the right sub-tree of a node A and the tree becomes unbalanced then, in that case, RR rotation will be performed as shown in the following diagram. While the rotation, the node B becomes the root node of the tree.

What are the major two types of rotations in AVL tree?

The worst case space complexity is O(n) .

  • AVL Insertion Process. Insertion in an AVL tree is similar to insertion in a binary search tree.
  • Left Rotation (LL Rotation)
  • Right Rotation (RR Rotation)
  • Left-Right Rotation (LR Rotation)
  • Right-Left Rotation (RL Rotation)

Which rotation would be performed when node has balance factor?

Right – Right Rotation This type of rotation is identified when a node has a balanced factor as -2, and its right-child has a balance factor as -1.

Which rotation is applicable in RR case?

Right Rotation (RR Rotation) In right rotations, every node moves one position to right from the current position.

What is data structure rotation?

A tree rotation is an operation on a binary tree that changes the structure without interfering with the order of the elements. A tree rotation moves one node up in the tree and one node down.

What are the different rotations done in AVL tree?

AVL Rotations

  • Left rotation.
  • Right rotation.
  • Left-Right rotation.
  • Right-Left rotation.