What is special area Annex V?

What is special area Annex V?

The special areas established under Annex V are: the Mediterranean Sea area. the Baltic Sea area. the Black Sea area.

What is the most important feature of Annex V?

Annex V Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships Deals with different types of garbage and specifies the distances from land and the manner in which they may be disposed of; the most important feature of the Annex is the complete ban imposed on the disposal into the sea of all forms of plastics.

What is Annex I II III IV V & VI of MARPOL 73 78?

MARPOL 73/78 is the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 as modified by the Protocol of 1978. MARPOL 73/78 is one of the most important international marine environmental conventions.

What is MARPOL Annex III and V?

Annex III: Regulation for prevention of pollution by harmful substance carried at sea in packaged form (July 1992). Annex IV: Regulation for prevention of pollution by sewage from ships (Sep 2003). Annex V: Regulation for prevention of pollution by Garbage from ships (Dec 1998).

What is Annex V mentioned in MARPOL regulations?

Annex V of the MARPOL Convention aims to eliminate and reduce the amount of garbage being dumped into the sea from ships. Its terms include all kinds of food, domestic and operational waste that are likely to be disposed of during the normal operation of the ship.

What regulation of Annex V that ships must carry a garbage management plan on board?

Annex V – Regulation 9 – Placards, garbage management plans and garbage record-keeping.

What is Marpol Annex IV?

Annex IV of MARPOL Annex IV contains a set of regulations regarding the discharge of sewage into the sea from ships, including regulations regarding the ships’ equipment and systems for the control of sewage discharge, the provision of port reception facilities for sewage, and requirements for survey and certification.

How many special areas are in MARPOL Annex V?

778 List of special areas under MARPOL and particularly sensitive sea areas.

When did Annex V entered into force?

31 December 1988
Annex V Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships (entered into force 31 December 1988)

What is the description of MARPOL Annex V and when is the entry into force?

MARPOL Annex V – entered into force on 1 March 2018: IMO Resolution MEPC. 277(70) introduces requirements related to “E-waste”, cargo residues, including the cargo hold washing water that are declared as “Harmful to Marine Environment” (HME)” and changes to the format of garbage record book.

What is regulation 8 of Annex V of MARPOL?

(1) A ship when in a port of another Party is subject to inspection by officers duly authorized by such Party concerning operational requirements under this Annex, where there are clear grounds for believing that the master or crew are not familiar with essential shipboard procedures relating to the prevention of …

What are the 5 categories of garbage?

These are:

  • Liquid Waste. Liquid waste includes dirty water, wash water, organic liquids, waste detergents and sometimes rainwater.
  • Solid Rubbish. Solid rubbish includes a large variety of items that may be found in households or commercial locations.
  • Organic Waste.
  • Recyclable Rubbish.
  • Hazardous Waste.