How do we celebrate solstice for kids?

How do we celebrate solstice for kids?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Gather ’round your own backyard bonfire or fire pit with friends and family.
  2. Spend the day living by candlelight (or at least dine by it)
  3. Craft upcycled tin can lanterns, paper lanterns, or ice lanterns with your kids to take along on an evening solstice stroll.

What do you do on Litha?

Our favourite things to do in Lithuania

  • #1 Explore the Old Town of Vilnius.
  • #2 Climb sand dunes at the Curonian Spit.
  • #3 Visit Klaipeda.
  • #4 Explore the Hill of Crosses.
  • #5 Explore the Trakai Island Castle.
  • #6 Visit the Republic of Uzupis.
  • #7 Learn about Lithuania’s recent past in the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights.

What rituals should I do for summer solstice?

How you can celebrate the summer solstice:

  • Wear yellow or gold.
  • Meditate under the sun.
  • Do something that brings you joy.
  • Have an outdoor hangout.
  • Bring nature indoors.
  • Give to your loved ones.
  • Check in with yourself.

How is summer solstice celebrated at home?

18 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice in 2021

  1. Visit Stonehenge or Watch The Stonehenge 2021 Live Stream Event!
  2. Bathe in the Light of the Sun.
  3. Design a Flower Crown.
  4. Make a Solstice Suncatcher.
  5. Get Creative with Sun Crafts.
  6. Do Some Gardening.
  7. Enjoy Seasonal Arts, Crafts & Activities.
  8. Add Summer Decor to your Home.

How do you Honour the Sun?

How is the Summer Solstice celebrated around the world?

  1. Take a hike. Get off the beaten path, lace up those hiking boots, and prepare to sweat a little.
  2. Bask in the sun’s glory. Get outside and allow your skin to soak up a bit of Vitamin D.
  3. Break out the lawn games. Pickleball or bocce, anyone?
  4. Stargaze.

How do pagans celebrate the summer solstice?

The practice of sending boats into the river is a common pagan ritual practiced worldwide, not only for the solstice but for honoring the goddess Hekate any time of year. Practitioners often write prayers on little pieces of paper and place them in the boats, then send their messages out to sea.

What do pagans do at summer solstice?

According to Pagan folklore, evil spirits in particular may walk the earth more freely at this time, and in order to ward them off, people wear protective garlands of herbs and flowers. One of the most powerful of these is the ‘chase devil’, also known as St. John’s Wort, because of its association with St. John’s Day.

How do you do a summer solstice party?

Keep reading to see how to be the ultimate summer solstice host.

  1. Choose the Perfect Outdoor Spot.
  2. Send Out Sun-Themed Invites.
  3. Set the Mood.
  4. Craft a DIY Flower Bar.
  5. Cue up a Fun Playlist.
  6. Serve Solstice-Inspired Treats.
  7. Lead a Sun-Gazing Ritual.
  8. Light up the Night With Sparklers.

What should I do on the solstice?

Here are some customary ways to celebrate the solstice—you might notice that some resemble beloved Christmas traditions.

  • Build a Yule Altar.
  • Make an Evergreen Yule Wreath.
  • Burn a Yule Log.
  • Decorate a Yule Tree.
  • Exchange Nature-Based Gifts.
  • Give Back to Nature.
  • Celebrate in Candlelight.
  • Set up a Meditation Space.

What do you eat on summer solstice?

Any food you provide should be Sun-colored, and perhaps round.” Some traditional foods involving such round, sun-colored fruits and vegetables include pumpernickel bread, mead, and grilled foods that use an open flame to represent the sun.