What Army MOS works with tanks?

What Army MOS works with tanks?

As an M1 Armor Crewman, you’ll work as part of a team to operate tanks and assault vehicles and fire weapons to destroy enemy positions. You’ll need to be ready to defend our country anywhere in the world.

What is the MOS on a tank?

M1A1 Abrams Tank Crew MOS is part of the Marine Ground Combat MOSs. The Ground Combat teams seize and occupy terrain to win battles with hand-to-hand combat within specialties.

What does it take to be a tank crewman?

Job Requirements of MOS 1812 In addition, tank crewmen must possess a General Technical score from the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test of 90 or higher. All tank crewmembers need to have vision correctable to 20/20 and must have normal color vision (no color-blindness).

How do you become a tank operator in the Army?

To become a Tank Commander in the U.S. Army, you have to be an enlisted soldier (not one of those fancy-pants officers) and have achieved the rank of E6 Staff Sergeant. You’ll also need some experience inside of a tank in other positions, such as Loader or Gunner.

What is a 19K MOS?

An Army M1 Armor Crewman (MOS 19K) is responsible for operating armored equipment. Armored equipment in the U.S. Army includes the M1A2 Abrams. MOS 19K work as part of the tank and armor unit.

What is a 25E in the Army?

The 25E Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager MOS in the Signal Career Field is for soldiers who determine frequency requirements for units and assist in the design of supporting communication networks.

How long is USMC tank school?

It consists of 27 training days designed to train and assess students in a tactical field environment.

What are the positions in a tank crew?

Crew Positions and Functions

  • Commander. The chief crew member in any vehicle, whose training level influences the vehicle’s view range and general performance of the crew.
  • Gunner. Influences gun traverse speed, aiming time of the reticle, and gun accuracy.
  • Driver.
  • Radio Operator.
  • Loader.

How long is tank crewman training?

Job training for an M1 armor crewman requires 22 weeks of One Station Unit Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field under simulated combat. Some of the skills you’ll learn are: Tank operations.

Is there a height limit for tank crew?

(3) Correctable vision of 20/20 in one eye and 20/100 in the other eye. (4) Normal color vision. (5) Maximum height of 6 feet and 1 inch (73 inches).

What Asvab score do you need to be a tanker?

ASVAB Line Scores and Army MOS

89B Ammunitions specialist ST:91
89D Explosive ordnance disposal specialist (EOD) GM:105
91A M1 Abrams tank system maintainer MM:88 & GT:85 or MM:99
91B Light-wheel vehicle mechanic MM:87 & GT:85 or MM:92