What is the climate of the Simpson Desert?

What is the climate of the Simpson Desert?

exceedingly dry
The desert’s climate is exceedingly dry, with most parts of it receiving 5 inches (125 mm) of precipitation or less annually. However, a distinctive feature of the Simpson is periodic temporary flooding in some areas, caused by rainfall outside the region that flows into the desert.

Is Simpson Desert Hot or cold?

The area has an extremely hot, dry desert climate. Rainfall is minimal, averaging only about 150 mm per year and falling mainly in summer. Temperatures in summer can approach 50 °C and large sand storms are common. Winters are generally cool, but heatwaves even in the middle of July are not unheard of.

What type of desert is Simpson?

The Simpson Desert A feature of the Queensland Munga-Thirri National Park (it used to be called Simpson Desert National Park) a protected area which covers an area of 10 000 square kilometres, are the parallel, wind-blown sand dunes which can be up to 20 metres high and 200 kilometres long.

What are the features of the Simpson Desert?

The Simpson desert also features its red and white sands, its stony flats and its large and diverse range of fauna and flora. The desert also holds salt-crusted lakes, vast stretches of grasslands, dense scrub land. And After rain wild flowers will bloom on the dunes.

What is the average temperature of the Simpson Desert?

Temperatures average 36-39C in summer and 18-24C in winter. However, summer temperatures of 50C have been recorded!

How hot does it get in the Simpson Desert?

Temperatures in the desert zone average 36-39C in summer and 18-24C in winter. However, summer temperatures of 50 C have been recorded.

Is there water in the Simpson Desert?

Unlike the Sahara, there is no permanent surface water in the Simpson Desert. The presence of a mikiri is only given away by stands of large trees in an otherwise barren landscape. Water is there, but it’s underground.

Why is the Simpson Desert red?

The dune is red from rusting iron particles in the sand and provides a challenge for any 4WD enthusiast. Bring a bottle of champagne and enjoy the spectacular sunset from the top of Big Red with family, friends or as part of a tour. It’s an experience not to be missed.

Does the Simpson Desert get cold at night?

The Weather Average rainfall for the month is 11mm (1 day per month). However it can get very cold at night, even dropping down to zero on some nights. It can also get very warm during the days up to 30 degrees. So you need to be prepared for these 2 extremes if they happen.

How much water does the Simpson Desert have?

Taking your own fuel and water is a must when crossing the Simpson Desert. Calculating how much extra to take is when things can get tricky. For water, the recommended amount is 7 litres of water per person per day, plus enough water to sustain you for an extra 7 days in case of emergency.

Do humans live in the Simpson Desert?

And yes, Aboriginal people did indeed live permanently (and continue to live) in the Simpson Desert.

Does anyone live in the Simpson Desert?