IS IT tech support a good job?

IS IT tech support a good job?

Tech support specialists are in high demand and can find work across a multitude of industries. If you have an interest in technology and a desire to help people use technology to add value to their lives, then a career in tech support could be a great opportunity for you.

Is tech support a career?

The IT Support Career Ladder Although many IT support roles are entry-level jobs, you have the opportunity to specialize in tech support and work your way up the ladder. For example, a tech support career might progress from help desk support to help desk technician to help desk specialist.

What do you do as a tech support?

Tech support workers manage, maintain, and repair IT systems. Their responsibilities include diagnosing and repairing faults, resolving network issues, and installing and configuring hardware and software. Completely free trial, no card required.

How do I get into tech support?

No Degree, No Problem! 6 Steps to Your First Tech Support Job

  1. Get Familiar with How Technology Works.
  2. Take an Alternate Position at an Innovative Tech Company.
  3. Start Picking Up Tech Skills on your Own.
  4. Tackle Tech-related Projects at your Current Job.
  5. Start Blogging.
  6. Join a Local Tech Meetup.

Is IT support a good start?

For people who might lack the technical skills needed for more advanced roles, tech support can be a great entry point to a career with a fast-growing company in Austin. Workers in tech support gain invaluable skills about the product and user experience that often lead to fast-track promotions.

How do I get started in IT support?

What made you get into tech support?

“I decided to go into technical support because I’ve been fascinated by technology all my life, and I also love working with people. I want to use my technical know-how to directly solve issues customers are having. I want to be the person that makes life easier and more enjoyable for folks who’ve run into a problem.”

How do I get a tech job with no experience?

How to Get a Tech Job with No Experience

  1. Ask to take on tech-related tasks at your current job or internship.
  2. Take online courses.
  3. Keep building projects.
  4. Build an online portfolio.
  5. Look for simple freelance jobs.
  6. Identify your transferable skills and highlight them on your resume.