Where can you hunt mountain goats in BC?

Where can you hunt mountain goats in BC?

The mountain goat hunting experience at North River Outfitting is unlike anywhere else. These are high-adventure hunts in spectacular mountain country. After arriving by charter at our remote main lodge, you’ll turn around and fly out to an even more remote location.

How much does a mountain goat hunt cost?

Mountain goats are relatively rare, and dwell in remote mountain wilderness areas. Travel to and from the destination makes up a great portion of the price of the hunt. Hunting opportunities in the Lower 48 start at about $4,000, and hunts in British Columbia and Alaska may go for up to $10,000.

Where is the best mountain goat hunting?

British Columbia arguably has the best mountain goat hunting in the world, with roughly 50,000 goats and the most record book entries by far.

Where can you hunt mountain goats in Canada?

British Columbia
The Skeena and Omineca Mountains of British Columbia are well known for producing record book quality mountain goats. Our goats range in size from 9” to 11” with an average of 9 ½” and our success is usually 100%. The reason for our great success on mountain goat hunts is the terrain.

Is mountain goat meat good eating?

Excellent tasting, though older animals can be almost unchewably tough. When dealing with a tough mountain goat, use slow-cook methods such as braising. Goat meat is also well-suited for corning, grinding, and sausage making.

How hard is it to get a mountain goat tag?

Draw odds in just about every Western state for billy tags is usually less than 2% so your odds of drawing a tag in your lifetime are dismal at best. There are far more nonres goat applicants joining the pool every year than tags issued so your odds are getting worse and worse by the year.

Can you eat mountain goat?

How do you get mountain goat tags?

Mountain goat tags are not easy to get your hands on. You can enter tag lotteries in many goat states, but your odds of drawing are low, especially if you’re a non-resident and a first-time applicant. It typically takes years and years to secure a chance at one of these iconic trophies.

How hard is mountain goat hunting?

Mountain goat hunting is arguably the most dangerous form of North American big game hunting. The rugged terrain and the extraordinary climbing abilities of this animal conspire to put you into tough situations where you have to weigh your own safety against your desire to be successful.

How much meat do you get from a mountain goat?

The dressed weight of a 250-lb (113-kg) goat is about 150 lbs (68 kg); about 85 lbs (39 kg) of this is usable meat. In 2007, 518 mountain goats were harvested in Alaska, 158 by nonresidents (about 30 percent) and 360 by resident hunters.

Is Mountain goat meat good eating?

What caliber is a mountain goat?

270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, and . 300 Winchester Magnum (using regular soft point bullets) are great choices for Mountain Goat hunting.