Who invented the quad antenna?

Who invented the quad antenna?

Clarence C. Moore
In 1951 Clarence C. Moore, W9LZX, a Christian Missionary and engineer at HCJB (a shortwave missionary radio station high in the Andean Mountains) developed and patenteda two-turn loop antenna that he called a “quad”.

How long is a quarter wave CB antenna?

A quarter wavelength is 9′. You may recognize 9′ or 108″, is the length of a long steel whip antennas made popular during the CB craze of the 70’s.

Is Biquad antenna directional?

Typical use of the biquad is standalone directional antenna or feeder of a parabolic dish. Polarization of the antenna is 90 degrees from the position of orientation of the biquad, i.e. horizontal biquad has vertical polarization.

What is quad antenna tuning?

Information on QUAD Antenna tuning and home brewing with help on calculating dimensions and tuning. The Grid Yagi for 144 Mhz – The Grid Yagi (or Grid Quad) is a high performance yagi antenna that can be built with readily obtainable inexpensive materials.

What is the best multi-band quad antenna?

Dual Quad Antenna – Cheap but effective multiband quad antenna covering the entire horizon on 10-12-15-17-20m bands. Monster Quads – N6LF tells us about his monster two-element 40-meter quad, with bonus three elements on 20 and 15 meters.

Who makes quads for ham and 27MHz?

Quads for ham and 27Mhz. Cubex Quad antennas and hardware – Cubex is another supplier of quad hubs, arms and pre-built quad antennas. Cubical Quad Notes Volume 1 – 188 page pdf all about quad design and theory by quad expert L. B. Cebik ( W4NRL )

Why use a quad antenna for TX and RX?

Each element is a full wavelength in size compared to a yagi which has elements of only one half wavelength making the quad a far more effective antenna for both TX and RX. As with any antenna the true performance is only achieved when all elements are resonant at their correct frequencies and also when the feed point is matched correctly.