Who is Loso rapper?

Who is Loso rapper?

Loso (real name: Carlos Bedoya) is an American battle rapper from Tampa, Florida. He currently has 34 battles catalogued, which total 5,707,572 views.

Where is Loso from?

Loso is an American battle rapper from Tampa, Florida. 21 battles catalogued, which total 3,772,733 views.

What ethnicity is Loso?

Loso (Thai: โลโซ) are a Thai rock band fronted by singer–guitarist–composer Seksan Sukpimai (aka Sek Loso). The band was formed in 1994 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Where did Fabolous get his name?

“It’s the F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S/ In a new S, circling the U.S.,” he rhymed, inadvertently cementing his hip-hop legacy. “I didn’t really have a set name yet, which was weird because I used to just use my initial,” Loso told us. “But I didn’t want to use J as my name because there was so many other Jay rappers.”

What ethnicity is LoSo?

Where is LoSo in Charlotte?

The area south of Clanton Road is coined by some people as Lower South End or ‘LoSo. ‘ The area is exploding with growth, as apartments and retail stores are being built.

How old is Sek Loso?

47 years (August 7, 1974)Sek Loso / Age

What happened to Loso?

Controversial Thai rock star Seksan Sukpimai, better known as “Sek Loso”, was sent to Min Buri remand prison today (Thursday), to serve his 2 years and 18 months jail term, after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal against the Appeal Court’s verdict.

What does LoSo mean Charlotte NC?

INDUSTRIAL, LAID-BACK, ENTERTAINING. You are likely already familiar with Charlotte’s historic South End neighborhood. But what you may not know is that just a few blocks further down Tryon Street, you’ll arrive in a whole new area called “LoSo,” also known as “Lower South End.”

What happened Sek Loso?

Loso disbanded in 2003, and afterwards, Seksan continued as Sek Loso up until November 2021 when they reformed.