Does the 4AGE have VVT?

Does the 4AGE have VVT?

When Toyota went to the 20 valve engine from the 16V it introduced the first form of Variable valve timing (VVT) for any A series engine. It is the most simple form of variable valve timing in that it is not only on just the intake cam but it works only on two preset positions.

How does 4AGE VVT work?

Applied for engines: 4A-GE type’91 silvertop and type’95 blacktop. VVT system (Variable Valve Timing) allows to discrete change the valve timing according to engine operating conditions. This is achieved by rotating the intake camshaft relative to the drive pulley for 30° (crankshaft rotation angle).

What is black top engine?

A Blacktop engine is an interference engine unlike all other A series engines. Although the pistons are initially interchangeable physically they aren’t practically as a Silvertop with Blacktop pistons has a very high compression and quite low when the combination is reversed.

What car has a 4AGE engine?

The first-generation 4AGE found its way most notably to the Toyota Corolla AE86 in 1983, which as we all know, is one of the most iconic Japanese cars ever made.

What is the most powerful 4age engine?

The most powerful of the 16-valve 4A-GE engines, commonly known as the “red top” (due to the red writing), which produces 94 kW (126 hp; 128 PS) at 6,600 rpm.

Is the 3SGTE a good engine?

For its era the 3SGTE engine offers great performance. However, the engines strength is what makes them so desirable. A cast iron block and strong internals mean the 2.0 turbo engine has plenty of potential on the table. Basic tuning and bolt-on mods can take the 3S-GTE turbo engine to the next level.

How much boost can a 4A-GE handle?

A stock internals NA 4AGE might be able to run 30 PSI boost if it was running race gas with meth injection and a perfect tune. You could just as easily blow it up at 6 PSI if you did something wrong. Different gauges will have different levels of importance for different builds.