How long does Met police recruitment take?

How long does Met police recruitment take?

131 days
The hiring process at Metropolitan Police Service takes an average of 131 days when considering 38 user submitted interviews across all job titles.

Can I join the Met police if I don’t live in London?

We are temporarily extending the opportunity to join the Met and ‘Do Something Real’ to non-Londoners, as part of our drive to recruit more than 2,500 officers. This provides a real opportunity for those living outside of London to fulfil their ambition of working for the Met.

Where do Met police train new recruits?

Hendon Police College is the principal training centre for London’s Metropolitan Police Service. Founded with the official name of the Metropolitan Police College, the college has officially been known as the Peel Centre since 1974, although its original name is still used frequently.

Can anyone join the Met police?

You must be 17 or older when applying to be a Police Constable. Applicants who are 17 will progress through the recruitment process, however your start date with MPS would need to be after your 18th Birthday.

Is the UK police fitness test hard?

Evidence suggests that the current police fitness test is in fact, relatively difficult to pass. Statistics show that in the past year, hundreds of officers have failed to make it through the physical stage of the assessment.

Is it hard to become a police officer UK?

But being a police officer isn’t for everyone – it’s one of the most challenging careers you can choose, being physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. You should consider whether you can: Deal with the complex and sensitive cases, requiring clear reasoning and evidence gathering.

What will disqualify you from being a police officer UK?

Criminal convictions and cautions All convictions, cautions (including any received as a juvenile), involvement in any criminal investigation and bind-overs imposed by a court must be declared. They don’t automatically mean you’ll be rejected from joining the police service.

Can UK police have tattoos?

Any tattoos which appear to be discriminatory, offensive or provocative will not be accepted. Facial piercings are not permitted because they are considered to undermine the dignity and authority of a police officer. There are also implications for an officer’s safety.

Do you get paid during Met police training?

Yes, you will be paid throughout the period that you are training and studying for your Degree Apprenticeship in Professional Policing Practice or Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice.

How long is the Met police training?

New recruits who join through this route will undertake a two year learning programme to enable them to perform the role of police constable.

Is 5.4 bleep test easy?

Simply put, the test needs to be more rigorous. To reach a level of 5.4 in the bleep test requires very little preparation. It is the equivalent of running at 5.5mph for 3 and a half minutes. In our opinion, this means that the minimum should be upped.