What happens at the Rumble in West Side Story?

What happens at the Rumble in West Side Story?

Unable to stand by and watch while his best friend is mocked and humiliated, Riff punches Bernardo, trying to defend Tony, and the two gang leaders draw their switchblades (“The Rumble”). Tony tries to stop Riff, but Ice and Tiger hold him back. In the midst of the fight, Bernardo kills Riff.

Did they lip sync in West Side Story?

West Side Story (1961) was completely recorded using playback tracks for the film, which was all the more necessary when considering that almost all of Tony and Maria’s singing was dubbed.

Where and when will the rumble take place in West Side Story?


Where is the rumble to take place?____ under the highway
Where does the war council take place?___ at Doc’s
Who was originally supposed to fight Bernardo hand to hand? ____& Who did Riff pick to fight him?____ Riff; Diesel

Does Tony stab Bernardo in West Side Story?

In a pivotal scene in West Side Story, Tony stabs Maria’s brother, Bernardo, and Maria shockingly decides to forgive him, and here’s why. Steven Spielberg’s version of the classic Broadway musical has been met with critical acclaim, and has brought the story to new audiences.

Why does Maria want Tony to go to the rumble?

Tony went to the rumble because Maria asked him to go to stop fighting. “I’m not one of them.” “And now I can kill too, because I have hate.” “Without a gang, you’re an orphan.”

Why did Tony go to the rumble?

When she leaves, Tony tells Maria that the rumble will be a fair fight, but even that’s no acceptable for her, so she asks him to go to the rumble and stop it. He agrees. He’ll do anything for her. They fantasize about being together and getting married (“One Hand, One Heart”).

Who tells Maria about the rumble?

Bernardo’s friend Chino (Jose DeVega) tells Maria what’s happened and she’s horrified.

Who gets stabbed in the rumble in West Side Story?

Riff and Bernardo fight, with Tony yelling at them to stop. They don’t stop; Riff gets stabbed. In a fit of rage, Tony stabs Bernardo. Sirens sounds and everyone scatters, leaving the bodies of the two dead gang leaders behind.

Who tells Maria about what happened at the Rumble?

How does Bernardo react when he sees Tony and Maria together at the dance?

During the dance, Maria and Tony spot each other. There is an instant connection. Bernardo interrupts them, telling Tony to stay away from his sister and asking Chino to take her home. Riff and Bernardo agree to meet at Doc’s in half an hour for the war council.

How old is Tony Westside Story?

According to Broadway World, there’s a substantial age gap between Tony and María, with Tony being an estimated 30 years old and María just 21. Zegler was born on May 3, 2001, while her co-star was born on March 14, 1994. That means there are about seven years in age between the West Side Story actors.

What does Tony suggest for the rumble?

The Sharks arrive to discuss weapons to use in the rumble. Tony suggests “a fair fight” (fists only), which the leaders agree to, despite the other members’ protests.

Why does Maria still love Tony after he kills Bernardo?

tony killed her brother and she still wanted to be with him despite that and she didn’t even grieve his death. she slept with him LITERALLY after he killed her brother. she loves the man who killed her brother and her best friends boyfriend.

Who killed Tony in West Side Story 1961?

Because Tony continues to gravitate towards the Jets’ conflict with the Sharks, Tony’s murder of Bernardo has him fulfill his unfinished business in the gang, which inevitably leads to his own death at the hands of Chino.

What does riff challenge Bernardo do at the dance?

Riff (a Jet) plans to challenge Bernardo (a Shark) to a rumble at a community dance that evening. Riff’s best friend, Tony, has left the Jets and works at Doc’s drugstore. Riff convinces the hesitant Tony to come to the dance with the rest of the Jets.

When did West Side Story come out?

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Is West Side Story based on Romeo and Juliet?

West Side Story is a 1961 American musical romantic drama film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. With a screenplay by Ernest Lehman, the film is an adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical of the same title, which in turn was inspired by Shakespeare ‘s play Romeo and Juliet.

Who are the Jets in ‘West Side Story’?

Portraying the Jets are Ashley Tisdale, Sean Faris, Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Trilby Glover, Brittany Snow and Drake Bell. West Side Story influenced Michael Jackson ‘s “Beat It” and “Bad” music videos. The first features Jackson as a peacemaker between two rival gangs in a homage to his favorite film.

How did West Side Story influence Michael Jackson?

West Side Story influenced Michael Jackson ‘s “Beat It” and “Bad” music videos. The first features Jackson as a peacemaker between two rival gangs in a homage to his favorite film.