Who are the contestants of Roadies X2?

Who are the contestants of Roadies X2?

Hindi Tv Show Mtv Roadies X2 – Cast & Crew

  • Amaneet Singh. Famous Roadies X2 contestant started his roadies journey with the Eishas gang.
  • Ishpi. Bio coming soon… …
  • Kajal Chagti. Bio coming soon… …
  • Mamta. Bio coming soon… …
  • Ishika Rai.
  • Madhuri Juneja.
  • Aviral Gupta.
  • Shruti Sinha.

Who are roadies X2 finalists?

MTV Roadies X2: Prince and Gurmeet, the final two contenders

  • Esha Deol.
  • Gurbani.
  • Karan Kundrra.

Who is the winner of Roadies Revolution X2?

So Here is Roadies Winner Name of all seasons. The youth-based show is very popular in India. After the Raghu Ram, the main judge of the show is Rannvijay Singh Singha….Here is Roadies Winner Name of all Season.

Season 18
Year 2021
Tittle Roadies: Revolution
Winners Hamid Barkzi
Prize money MICHEAL AJAY

Who is roadies most famous contestant?

15 Most Popular Roadies Contestants Of All Time

  1. Rannvijay Singh.
  2. Ayushmann Khurrana.
  3. Gurbani Judge (VJ Bani)
  4. Ashutosh Kaushik.
  5. Prince Narula.
  6. Ayaz Ahmed.
  7. Pooja Bannerjee.
  8. Vishal Karwal.

Who is the winner of Roadies Revolution 2020?

Hamid Barkzi
Take a look at the post: Hamid Barkzi was declared as the winner of the 18th season of India’s longest-running adventure reality show, Roadies Revolution in January early this year.

Which is the best roadie ever?

1. Rannvijay Singh. The first ‘Roadies’ winner was Rannvijay Singh. He proved himself well with all the tasks as he was from an army background, and he performed everything confidently.

How did ranvijay won Roadies 1?

Ranvijay was not the winner. Infact,there was no official winner in season 1. It started from season 2.

Who won Roadies 2021?