Who has more market share Apple or Samsung?

Who has more market share Apple or Samsung?

Samsung held the largest slice of the global smartphone market by shipments during the third quarter of 2021, regaining ground Apple made with the launch of the iPhone 12 at the end of 2020.

Is iPhone or Samsung more popular in the US?

Apple grew 19% YoY due to a strong launch for the iPhone 13 series. As a result of the launch, Apple’s market share jumped from 40% in Q3 2020 to 47% in Q3 2021….Q3 2021 Highlights.

US Smartphone Shipments Market Share (%) Samsung
Q4 2020 16%
Q1 2021 27%
Q2 2021 26%
Q3 2021 34%

How much market share does Apple and Samsung have?

Manufacturers’ market share of smartphone sales in the United States is led by Apple and Samsung, with a market share of 56 percent and 22 percent respectively, as of the fourth quarter of 2021.

What sells better iPhone or Samsung?

Looking at the full year of 2020 data shows Samsung in the top spot with 18.8% and Apple in a close second at 14.8%.

Is Android losing market share?

New research shows that over the last five years, Android’s market share has declined by 8%, while Apple iOS has grown by around 6%.

Is Samsung superior to Apple?

For the hardware that comes inside Android phones, Android phones offer much better value for the money than iPhones. If iPhones came with the same hardware as flagship Android phones, Apple would most likely charge almost double compared to what Android companies such as Samsung and Google charge.

Is Apple losing market share?

“A look at the data shows that iOS gained 6% between July 2018 and January 2022.” “From 19.4% then, Apple has grown its OS market share to 25.49%,” she continued. “Other small scale OS developers account for the remaining 1.58% that Google shed.” So iOS has increased its share by 6.09% as Android has shrunk.