What does Apel mean military?

What does Apel mean military?

Authorized Protective Eyewear List
The Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) allows PEO Soldier to offer more choices in protective eyewear, which improves Soldier. acceptance and use of protective eyewear. The APEL for Ballistics Protective Eyewear can be found at. https://peosoldier.army.mil/equipment/eyewear/. ESS INFLUX.

What are Apel lenses?

The Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) is a list of protective eyewear tested and approved by the U.S. Military for use by its soldiers. The APEL includes spectacles and goggles optimized for different situations.

Is Z87+ Apel approved?

How can you identify APEL certified eyewear? While all ANSI-certified eyewear must be indicated as such with the Z87+ marking somewhere on the product, there currently is no marking system in place for military-grade eyewear.

Are Oakleys Apel approved?

Oakley® Standard Issue™ has a wide assortment of authorized APEL® products, designed for superior performance and comfort.

Can you wear Oakleys in the army?

The Oakley® SI Uniform Collection is a colorway authorized for wear in all uniforms, both military and law enforcement. For the military, the collection falls within the eyewear guidelines in AR670-1.

What are military glasses called?

GI glasses are eyeglasses issued by the American military to its service members. Dysphemisms for them include the most common “birth control glasses” (also called “BCGs”) and other variants. At one time, they were officially designated as regulation prescription glasses, or RPGs.

What is Apel eye pro?

Military Combat Eye Protection (MCEP) APEL eyewear includes features like: 99.9% UV protection—even on clear lenses. Impact-resistance. Heat resistant.

What glasses are allowed in the military?

Sunglass lens colors must be traditional gray, brown, or dark green shades. Eyeglass lenses or frames that are so large or so small that they detract from the appearance of the uniform are not permitted.

Is Z87 1 the same as Z87 +?

For work where there is, or may be, impact hazards your safety glasses must be stamped with a Z87+ marking. The Z87+ marking symbolizes that the glasses are Z87. 1 compliant and pass the remaining 3 tests.

Are Raybans allowed in the army?

The army allows the use of sunglasses within a garrison environment, but restricts their wearing during the formation and while indoors. Soldiers are not allowed to wear sunglasses in the field, unless specifically specified otherwise by their commander.

Can you wear Raybans in the army?

Individuals who are required by medical authority to wear sunglasses for medical reasons other than refractive error may wear them, except when health or safety considerations apply. Soldiers may not wear sunglasses in the field, unless required by the commander for safety reasons in high- glare, field environments.