What does rapped mean in slang?

What does rapped mean in slang?

verb (3) rapped; rapping. Definition of rap (Entry 5 of 6) intransitive verb. 1 : to talk freely and frankly.

What does rapped smartly mean?

​quickly and usually done with force synonym briskly (1) She rapped smartly on the door. He ran off pretty smartly (= quickly and suddenly).

What does being rapping mean?

the activity of performing a style of popular music that involves speaking, rather than singing, words to music that has a strong rhythm: There’s a great backing track beneath the rapping and singing. See also. rap noun (MUSIC) More examples.

What does it mean to be rapt?

Definition of rapt 1 : lifted up and carried away. 2 : transported with emotion : enraptured. 3 : wholly absorbed : engrossed.

Is singing rapping?

1. Singing is the creation of musical sound through the use of voice, tone, and rhythm while rapping is the rhyming and delivery of words to a beat.

What is rapt attention?

: showing complete delight or interest They listened with rapt attention.

What does smartened up mean?

Definition of smarten up 2 US : to make (someone or something) smarter or more aware Someone needs to smarten him up before he gets in trouble. 3 : to make (someone or something) neat and attractive They smartened themselves up for the party.

What is a rapping sound?

noun. the act or sound of a person or thing that raps. communication by the sound of taps or knocks, as between medium and spirit during a séance.

What kind of word is rapping?

Rapping can be a noun or a verb – Word Type.

How do you use the word rapt?

All of us, on both sides, listened to him with rapt attention. I have followed his argument with great interest and rapt attention. I have listened with rapt attention to the previous speakers, most of whom represent new towns. He made a great maiden speech to which we all listened in rapt attention.

What is rapt listening?

giving complete attention, or showing complete involvement, or (of attention) complete: She sat with a rapt expression reading her book. The children watched with rapt attention. Australian English informal (also wrapped) extremely happy or excited.