What is a Capco classification?

What is a Capco classification?

The CAPCO Register identifies the official classification and control markings, and their authorized abbreviations and portion markings. It provides for the allowable vocabulary for all national intelligence markings and other non-IC markings to control the flow of information.

What is FGI classification?

• Foreign government information (FGI), which includes information the United States has provided to or received from a foreign government or international organization with the expectation that the information, the source of the information, or both, are to be held in confidence (Order section 1.4(b)).

How many classification levels are there?

The United States has three levels of classification: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret.

What are the three levels of classification?

What does secret FGI mean?

UNCLASSIFIED. Foreign Government Information Example. SECRET//FGI CAN DEU//X5. 1. (//DEU S) This portion contains only German Secret information.

What does secret Noforn mean?

Also, the statement of NOFORN (meaning “no foreign nationals”) is applied to any information that may not be released to any non-U.S. citizen.

What is S Relido?

RELIDO is a dissemination marking that may be applied to intelligence information to indicate that the originator has authorized Designated Intelligence Disclosure Officials (DIDO) to make further sharing decisions in accordance with the existing procedures for uncaveated intelligence material (intelligence with no …

What is the order of the levels of classification?

Levels of Classification. The classification system commonly used today is based on the Linnean system and has eight levels of taxa; from the most general to the most specific, these are domain, kingdom, phylum (plural, phyla), class, order, family, genus (plural, genera), and species.