What is the best catch of all time NFL?

What is the best catch of all time NFL?

Best NFL catches

  • Santonio Holmes.
  • Dwight Clark.
  • Julian Edelman.
  • Franco Harris.
  • Antonio Freeman.
  • Lynn Swann.
  • Oronde Gadsden.
  • Mario Manningham. This won’t be the first non-game-winning catch made by a Giants’ receiver in the Super Bowl.

Who has the best catch of all time?

1. Yogi Berra- Good luck trying to dispute this one: he won three MVP awards (1951, 1954 and 1955), made 15 All-Star game appearances, caught Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series and boasts an unprecedented 10 World Series rings.

What is the NFL catch of the year?

“Hail Murray”: Kyler Murray threw a 43-yard Hail Mary pass into the end zone that was caught by DeAndre Hopkins over three defenders for the game-winning touchdown against the Buffalo Bills. Justin Tucker kicked a game-winning 66 yard field goal, the longest in NFL history, as time expired against the Detroit Lions.

What is the best catch in the world?

The highest catch of a cricket ball is 119.86 m (393 ft 2.897 in), and was achieved by Thimothy Shanon Jebaseelan (Australia) in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 19 November 2021.

Who caught the football on his helmet?

receiver David Tyree’s
That fateful Super Bowl XLII created all kinds of incredible moments, but perhaps none is more iconic than Giants receiver David Tyree’s incredible one-handed “Helmet Catch” in the fourth quarter of the game.

What Super Bowl live?

It will be broadcast live on NBC and streamed on Peacock. You can also watch at NBCSports.com and the NBC Sports App.

Who is the highest ball in world?

From a height of 119.86 m (393 ft 3 in), Thimothy successfully achieved the highest catch of a cricket ball ever. The previous record was 114 m (374 ft), achieved by Kristan Baumgartner (UK) in 2019.

Which is the number one catch?

#1 Ben Stokes vs South Africa (ICC Cricket World Cup 2019) His catch in the deep against South Africa, during the opening game of the 2019 World Cup at the Kennington Oval, is widely regarded as one of the best ever.