Is Steven Adler still married to Carolina?

Is Steven Adler still married to Carolina?

Steven Adler was born on January 22, 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He is an actor and composer, known for Megamind (2010), Gone Baby Gone (2007) and The Dead Pool (1988). He has been married to Carolina Ferreira since January 23, 2002.

Did Adler get sober?

Former GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Steven Adler says that he has “never been happier” after recently celebrating four years and four months of sobriety. During an interview with Argentinean rock journalist Lucas H.

Is Steven Adler a good drummer?

“Adler is one of the best hard rock and metal drummers I have ever seen.” He said. “His speed, timing, and precision are truly unmatched.” That is one of the reasons Adler has remained among the top drummers. Many who know him personally say he is such a talented performer.

What happened to Steven Adlers mouth?

In 1996, Adler suffered a stroke and was briefly comatose after taking a particularly potent speedball—a cocktail of heroin and cocaine used intravenously—which caused a temporary paralysis of the left side of his face, resulting in a speech impediment.

Does Steven Adler still use drugs?

His stabbing raised a concern that it was due to a relapse from his past addiction to cocaine and heroin, but his representative assured TMZ that Adler has been sober for several years.

Who is a better drummer Steven Adler or Matt Sorum?

While Steven has more feeling, Matt is a much more technical drummer. I think that Steven’s style just fits on superbly with AFD (love his groove on WTTJ) and that Sorum’s style does the same whith UYI’s more artistic, creative and experimental style.

How good of a drummer is Matt Sorum?

He recorded three studio albums with the group. That is not all; he also played drums for the supergroup Velvet Revolvers. These are names that have been making an impact in the hard rock scene for quite some time now. It is no coincidence, therefore, that Sorum is considered one of the most influential metal drummers.