What are the parts of 50 peso bill?

What are the parts of 50 peso bill?

Philippine president and former House Speaker Sergio Osmeña is currently featured on the front side of the bill, while the Taal Lake and the giant trevally (known locally as maliputo) are featured on the reverse side.

Who are the faces in 1000 peso bill?

The note features the portraits of former Chief Justice José Abad Santos; Josefa Llanes Escoda, civic worker and one of the founders of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines; and Vicente Lim, a general in the Philippine Army who was the first Filipino graduate of West Point.

What are the denominations of Philippine money?

Currently, coins of 1, 5, 10, and 25 cents and 1, 5, 10, and 20 pesos are in use. Banknotes of denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 pesos are also in circulation.

Who are the people in Philippines bills?

20 Peso. The front or obverse shows President Manuel L.

  • 50 Peso. The front shows President Sergio Osme a (1878-1961), was President of the Philippines from 1944 to 1946.
  • 100 Peso. President Manuel A.
  • 200 Peso. The front carries the portrait of president Diosdado P.
  • 500 Peso.
  • 1000 Peso.
  • Who are the three persons in the 1000 peso bill?

    In 1991, the BSP issued for the first time a 1000-piso banknote, containing on the obverse side the composite portraits of Jose Abad Santos, Josefa Llanes Escoda and Vicente Lim.

    What is the back of 200 pesos?

    The obverse also features the Aguinaldo Shrine, where Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the country’s independence in 1898, on the lower right corner. The reverse features a scene from EDSA II, with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Macapagal’s daughter, being sworn in as president by Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.

    What is the characteristic of 20 peso bill?

    The Philippine twenty-peso note (Filipino: Dalawampung piso (formal), beinte pesos (vernacular)) (₱20) is a denomination of Philippine currency….Philippine twenty-peso note.

    Value ₱20
    Width 160 mm
    Height 66 mm
    Security features Security fibers, watermark, see-through registration device, concealed value, security thread

    How do you read Philippine money?

    Key Takeaways

    1. The Philippine peso has the currency abbreviation PHP and goes by the symbol ₱.
    2. The value of the Philippine peso has ranged from below 48 pesos to one U.S. dollar to 53.89 pesos to one dollar.
    3. Philippine pesos currently circulate in banknotes of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 pesos.

    Who is the person in 5 peso coin?

    leader Andrés Bonifacio
    The obverse features Filipino revolutionary leader Andrés Bonifacio, and the reverse depicts a tayabak, a type of Filipino vine. Each individual coin weighs 7.4 grams (0.26 oz), has a diameter of 25 millimetres (0.98 in), and has a smooth edge without ridges.

    Who is the person in 10 peso bill?

    On July 10, 2001, BSP issued the 10-piso coin for general circulation to commemorate its 8th year anniversary. It has the profiles of Andres Bonifacio and Apolinario Mabini in a con-joint or in tandem manner on the obverse side.

    What is in the back of 500 peso bill?

    Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. and his wife, President Corazon Aquino are currently featured on the front side of the note, while the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park and the blue-naped parrot are featured on the reverse side.

    What is the meaning of 20 pesos?

    20 Peso. The front or obverse shows President Manuel L. Quezon (1878-1940), president of the Philippine Commonwealth from 1935 until 1944, and considered the Father of the National Language. This note, like the previous 20 Peso note, commemorates the declaration of Filipino as the National Language in 1935.

    Who is in the 500 pesos?

    Benigno Aquino Jr.
    The note features the portrait of Benigno Aquino Jr., a former senator and an opposition leader when Ferdinand Marcos was president. The note is predominantly yellow in color.

    Who is in the 20 pesos bill?

    The 20 pesos banknote has in the obverse side a portrait of Benito Juárez, twenty-sixth president of the Mexican Republic who fought in the Reform War.

    What are peso denominations?

    Paper money currently used is in the denominations 20 peso, 50 peso, 100 peso, 200 peso, and 500 peso. Coins in denominations of 20 and 50 centavos (100 centavos makes up 1 peso), and 1 peso, 2 peso, 5 peso, 10 peso, and 20 peso are also in circulation.

    How is money written in pesos?

    To distinguish it from other currencies using the $ symbol, the peso is sometimes written as M$, MX$, or MEX$. The symbol MXN replaced the former symbol, MXP. The peso has a conversion factor of 6 significant digits, and is fiat currency. The most popular peso exchange is with the US dollar.

    Who is the man in 20 peso bill?

    president Manuel L. Quezon
    Philippine president Manuel L. Quezon is currently featured on the front side of the note, while the Banaue Rice Terraces and the palm civet is featured on the reverse side.