Do NS&I inform you if you win?

Do NS&I inform you if you win?

We’ll let you know by text or email if you win. Log in to your online account and you’ll be prompted to change your prize options. If you don’t receive a prompt after you’ve logged in, go to Your profile and select Your prize options and you’ll be able to change them there.

How do I check if I have won on my Premium Bonds?

Just log in to view your prize history, or use our prize checker to see if you have any prizes you don’t know about yet. Or you can write to us asking for your prize history. Remember to include your name, address and NS&I number (or Premium Bonds holder’s number). We’ll send you a list of any prizes you’ve won.

How quickly are premium bond winners notified?

If you defy the odds and win big then you will be notified with a visit in person. A NS&I representative will visit the two £1 million winners at their homes the day before the first working day of the month and before the rest of the winners are announced 24 hours later.

What are the chances of winning on NS&I?

NS&I happily lists the chance of one bond winning a prize in a month (1 in 24,500) on its website.

How long does it take for NS&I to pay winnings?

Having your prizes paid straight into your bank account (or NS&I Direct Saver) is quick, easy and safe. If you win, we’ll let you know the good news by email or text message. You’ll then normally receive your prize money in your bank account by the 7th working day of the month.

Are old Premium Bonds still valid?

Since they do not expire, you can still cash in old paper Premium Bonds if they’ve been selected. First, find your holder’s number and NS&I number from a bond report or tracing service. Once you have the information, you can check your Premium Bond online or the bond checker app to see if you’ve won!

Has anyone won a million on Premium Bonds?

Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds The lucky winner in question was from Newham in east London won the prize in 2004 and still has the title of being the £1million with the lowest ever holding at £17 in their account.

Is it worth having 50000 in Premium Bonds?

This means that a prize is won on average every £34,500 that is invested. Therefore, if you hold £5,000, then your chance of winning is around 7 to 1….What are my odds of winning with Premium Bonds?

Prize value Number of prizes Odds of winning from £1 bond
£50,000 11 1 in 10,218 million
£25,000 22 1 in 5,109 million

What happens if you win a big prize on Premium Bonds?

Premium Bond investors that are found to have too many Bonds in their name will have the extra cashed in and refunded — minus any prize money. If the prize money won is worth more than the extra bonds held, NS&I will ask for the cash back.

How long do NS&I withdrawals take?

The payment will normally reach your account two banking days after that. If we get your instruction after 13:00 on a banking day, or on a weekend or bank holiday, we’ll act as if we received it on the following banking day. The same timescales apply to further withdrawals from any of these accounts on the same day.