How do I get the key in Diplomatic Immunity?

How do I get the key in Diplomatic Immunity?

Leave the embassy. On the left side of the dungeon from the staircase, where you should be able to find a locked trap door. Its key can be obtained by killing the two guards that will enter the room right after you’ve read the dossier. Approach the door and use the key to unlock it.

What key opens the Thalmor Embassy?

The door at the bottom of the stairs leads into Thalmor Embassy, Dungeon and is master-locked, but opened by the key found in the chest upstairs.

How do I get into the Thalmor Embassy without a key?

There is a locked door at the center of the first floor that leads directly into the party hall. Use another wooden plate on the door. Again keep running into it until the other side of the door can be seen, then immediately use Whirlwind Sprint to enter the hall.

How do you complete Diplomatic Immunity in Skyrim?

Diplomatic Immunity

  1. Meet Delphine in Riverwood.
  2. Meet Malborn in Solitude.
  3. Give Malborn the equipment.
  4. Meet Delphine at the stables.
  5. Talk to Malborn.
  6. Create a distraction and get away from the party.
  7. (Optional) Retrieve your gear.
  8. Search for information about the dragons returning.

Is it possible to save Malborn?

Trivia. If Malborn is saved, he may easily die during his trip to Windhelm or the escape to Morrowind. This may make him a good candidate for harvesting Bosmer blood for the “Discerning the Transmundane” quest. Only after helping him escape to Morrowind this is recommended.

Where is the Reeking Cave key?

Key to the trapdoor leading to the Reeking Cave. It is carried by the Thalmor interrogating Etienne Rarnis. Cannot be dropped.

What gear should I give Malborn?

If you prefer to take some precautions and act from the shadows after reaching the party, you should give Malborn a dagger and as many equipment, rings, amulets, potions, scrolls and any other items helping in staying silent.