What does a 1 mean in Solo and ensemble?

What does a 1 mean in Solo and ensemble?

Those that perform at the highest level (Class A) at a WSMA District Festival have the opportunity to receive a 1* (one-star) rating which advances them on to State Solo & Ensemble Festival.

How much does Solo and ensemble cost?

Fees. Fees for On-time Entries: $20 per solo and $10 per ensemble member.

How does state Solo and ensemble work?

Solo & Ensemble Contest is an annual event that takes place throughout the country in which students prepare their own performances either by themselves or with a small group of friends. These performances are evaluated by a judge and scored against a rating system.

What does co mean Solo and ensemble?

A. Solo & Ensemble Events: New Jersey Solo & Ensemble events include three levels of classes: A, B, and C. Solo events (vocal, string, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, guitar, handbell) Regular Ensemble events (vocal, string, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, guitar, handbell)

Is a 1 in Solo and Ensemble good?

SCORING. Each student or group of students is evaluated by one judge and rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest rating possible. Students or groups that earn a rating of 1 (or “Superior”) are qualified for State Solo & Ensemble Festival which is held in March.

What do you wear to Solo and Ensemble?

Wear what you would wear to band concerts, church, or other special events is appropriate. School dress code DOES apply! No jeans, torn clothing, tennis shoes, or clothing with writing should be worn to Solo & Ensemble Festival; it is a serious event.

What does Msboa stand for?

Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association.

How do I register for Solo and Ensemble?

On the S&E page click on the registration button, or click here. Enter your username, which is the same email that you use to log into MSVMA.org, and your password for the scheduling website. 1. To register for Solo & Ensemble, look to Member Tools in the left menu, and select the “Register for Festival” option.

How long should a solo and ensemble piece be?

Solo Piece Solo/Ensemble events shall consist of a minimum of 64 published measures or a performance time of at least 90 seconds. Soloists and ensembles need not be accompanied unless the accompaniment is required by the score.

How long should a solo and Ensemble piece be?