What is the rarest Hummel figurine?

What is the rarest Hummel figurine?

These are the most valuable Hummel figurines.

  • Little Cellist. Released: 1938. Sold: Feb.
  • Yankees Win. Released: 2000. Sold: Feb.
  • Bookworm. Released: 1935.
  • Worship. Released: 1935.
  • Puppy Love. Released: 1935.
  • Stormy Weather. Released: 1950.
  • Merry Wanderer. Released: 1935.
  • Apple Tree Boy and Apple Tree Girl. Released: 1968.

Are old Hummels worth anything?

With their soothing pastel colors and adorable characters, the figurines amassed millions of Hummel collectors to this day. While most Hummels go for $50, some of them are worth a few hundred dollars, and rare Hummels can sell for up to 5-figures during auctions.

What do the numbers on the bottom of a Hummel mean?

The identifying marks on the UNDERSIDE of Hummels tell the Hummel Model Number (HUM), the size indicator (Arabic and Roman Numerals), the year of release (usually the year after the production year), and sometimes the paint and/or painters code numbers (incised Arabic numbers or script initials).

Why are Hummels worthless?

Hummel figurines What were once rare collectibles are now readily available, which makes them practically worthless. Plus, younger generations aren’t interested in collecting them, so there’s not really a market for the figurines. Next: Even the diehard collectors say these aren’t worth much.

Why are Hummels so expensive?

The supply of Hummels just keeps growing as the generations that collected Hummels pass away, leaving behind thousands of their diminishing-value dust-collectors. Unlike the other collectibles mentioned above, Lladro figurines can start from a lofty price point.

Is there a market for Hummels?

While modestly priced Hummels dominate the market, exceptional examples of these rosy-cheeked children can sell between several hundred to several thousand dollars. Some, such as the “Adventure Bound” figure group, have reached prices over $4,000.

Are Hummel and Goebel the same?

Goebel Collectors Club In 1977 the Goebel Collectors’ Club was born, with over 100,000 collectors joining the first year. The name and scope of the club were changed in 1989 to the M.I. Hummel Club and would focus on Sister Hummel’s artwork. The club is now international and today has more than 100,000 members.

Are there fake Hummel figurines?

Hummel name. The stamped or incised trademark may be the best clue as to the authenticity of the item. The TMK is typically found on the bottom of the figurine and is under the glaze so as to be a permanent part of the item.

What are some rare Hummels?

Top 8 most Valuable hummels figurines

  • Appletree boy and apple tree girl :
  • Adventure Bound :
  • Not for you :
  • Serbian Boy:
  • Hungarian girl :
  • Ring around the Rosie :
  • School Boys :
  • Schoolgirls :

How can you tell how old a Hummel is?

These are the different visual trademarks (TMKs) that you’ll find stamped and inscribed into the bottom of every authentic Hummel figurine.

  1. TMK-1 (1935-1949)
  2. TMK-2 (1950-1959)
  3. TMK-3 (1960-1972)
  4. TMK-4 (1964-1972)
  5. TMK-5 (1972-1979)
  6. TMK-6 (1979-1990)
  7. TMK-7 (1990-1999)
  8. TMK-8 (2000-2008)