Does Nekros need despoil?

Does Nekros need despoil?

Further testing with Nekros revealed you no longer need Despoil at all. As long as you have Equilibrium and your Drone has Synth Fiber the result is exactly the same, but frees up one additional Mod Slot.

Is Nekros good Warframe 2021?

Nekros is one of the best farming Warframes you can get, and unlike most farming Warframes, he excels both with a squad and without one. Aside from having powerful builds, Nekros can also focus on being a tanky, a summoner, and even help out with crowd control.

What are the best mods for Nekros?

Best setup for Nekros is in his capacity as loot support. His Desecrate ability turns corpses into extra loot and health orbs for a small Energy cost. Leaning into that gets you: Equilibrium….Other useful optional things:

  • Streamline.
  • Health Conversion.
  • Adaptation.
  • Shield of Shadows.
  • Overextended and Augur Reach.

Is Nekros or Hydroid better?

I’d say hydroid, but since nekros has desecrate for more loot, it’s def nekros. Hydroid only works on what is tangled up in mr wiggles grasp, but nekros with a pumped up range converts everything it can touch.

Is despoil affected by efficiency?

Energy per corpse is affected by Ability Efficiency. Despoil Augment installed, Desecrate will consume 10 Health per corpse instead, affected by Ability Efficiency.

Does Nekros need ability strength?

Desecrate will consume 10 Energy for every corpse consumed. This ability will remain active for as long as Nekros has energy, or the ability is manually deactivated by pressing the ability key again. Energy per corpse is affected by Ability Efficiency….Abilities.

Rank Speed Reduction Cost
1 40% 7
2 50% 8
3 60% 9

Why is Nekros good for farming?

One of the reasons Nekros is considered one of the best Warframes for farming is this ability since it causes all parts of dead enemies to drop loot which means the more parts there are the more chance of getting loot that you have.

How do I make Nekros good?

If you want to make sure they’ll survive quite some time, add a lot of duration and ability strength to your Nekros and combine it with Vitality for some survival. Also use your augmented mod Shield of Shadows, which will redirect some damage you take to your shadows, making you more tanky.

Does Nekros desecrate stack with Khora?

Advantage of desecrate is that it doesn’t hinder mobility. If you have to farm something, couple 1 or a max of 2 Nekroses with a Khora and Hydroid since their skills stack on the same piece of meat, provided the requirements are met.

Do Nekros and Hydroid stack 2021?

Yes they stack. At first they stacked, then DE nerfed it, then they went backward.

Does Nekros need power strength?

No it doesnt scale off powerstrength.