How do you stretch a sample in Slicex?

How do you stretch a sample in Slicex?

If you want to timestretch it, go into the timestretch menu. In there you can choose exactly how to stretch it.

How do you pitch in Slicex?

But as I said, you can also change the pitch in the Slicex channel. Double clicking a note to open the note properties to change the pitch, is the same as right clicking on the lower left of the piano roll > Note fine pitch. That changes the velocity sliders to pitch sliders.

How do I stop my Slicex clicking?

Re: Slicex and Clicking/Popping Samples In FL Studio 20, try clicking the wrench, next to the scissors tool, and there is a section called “regions” and in there you can try clicking “perfect all regions”. All this inside of the splicex menu to be clear.

How do you place markers in Slicex?

My current method is double click the sample, right click to play, click the stop button, double click the sample where I want my new marker to be and click the +marker button. Then I play from that marker, click stop again, double click and add marker.

How do I change my Slicex key?

In Slicex make sure you turn on keyboard control at the top. Right click in the region you want to change the pitch/speed of and press ALT+T. This will bring up an offline algorithm window just like the one in the sampler.

Can you change pitch in Slicex?

What is Declicking mode?

Declicking. These options help to remove ‘clicks’ at the start (in) or end (out) caused by sharp level discontinuities when you slice Audio Clips.

What do the buttons in Edison do?

Edison is a fully integrated audio editing and recording tool….Edit

  • Undo (item) (Ctrl+Z) – The first item in this menu indicates the last action performed.
  • Undo history – Displays the last 10 actions.
  • Undo using mix (envelope) – Uses the All-Purpose envelope to guide the undo process.

What is a vocal chop?

Vocal chops are short vocal samples that you trigger via MIDI and use as melodic and rhythmic ornaments in song arrangements. They’re pretty easy to create, as we’ll demonstrate in this article.

What is a vocal stutter?

Stuttering or glitch, as it is called in DJ and remix circles, is a vocal effect achieved by chopping audio into a very small section, and then copying and pasting it repeatedly onto a track.

Where can I find vocal chops?

Check out our roundup of the latest audio trends.

  1. Vocal Vocal have a free samples section (linked to above).
  2. Rapid4me.
  3. Looperman.
  4. Vipzone Samples.
  5. Rob Meulman.
  7. The Freesound Project.

How do you pitch a Slicex?

How do I play a Slicex region?

To play a region (slice) use the Keyboard panel, the Piano roll or an external controller. If you Right-click a region this plays the raw audio without any articulation settings, so it may sound different to the Keyboard/Piano roll method. Typing Keyboard Priority must be selected for Slicex keyboard shortcuts to work.

Is Slicex the perfect loop slicer?

Think outside the loop – Yes, Slicex is the perfect loop/beat slicer and percussion powerhouse however, Slicex will process any source audio with equal ease – why not try it on melodic parts, vocals, guitar tracks or whole songs! The creative and sonic possibilities are endless.

How does Slicex work with beat detection?

Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the Piano roll or controller. If the wave file contains slice/region data this will be automatically used instead of the beat-detection algorithm.

How do I load samples into Slicex?

After opening Slicex there are several ways to load a sample: Drag samples from the Browser and drop them onto the plugin channel or interface. NOTE: Appending samples – Holding Shift + Dragging from the Browser will append the new sample or slices to the existing data. Replacing samples – Drop samples on a Slice Marker name.