What does capping mean on Leap Card?

What does capping mean on Leap Card?

Capping means that you won’t get charged more than the price of a 1 Day or 7 Day Luas Flexi Ticket using Leap Card. Capping is part of the Leap Card functionality. It introduces a Cap; a maximum amount you pay for Luas travel 1 Day or 7 Days (Mon-Sun) with Leap Card.

Can you top up your Leap Card on the bus?

You can Top-Up your card: On the Leap Top Up App, if you have an NFC-enabled Android phone or iPhone 7 and above. At TFI Leap Card payzone agents. At Luas, DART & Commuter Rail ticket machines.

Can two people travel on one Leap Card?

9.2 Leap Cards which are not personalised and do not contain any Tickets (i.e. Travel Credit only) are transferable for separate journeys but cannot be used by more than one passenger on the same journey (although the travel credit may be used on Dublin Bus services to pay for companion(s); such usage shall result in …

Can you use Leap Card on commuter?

An e-purse Leap Card can be used on DART and Commuter services, Dublin Bus and Luas. Save up to 24 percent with Leap card versus cash fares.

What is the daily cap on buses?

You can also travel using your Oyster card with a 7 Day, Monthly and Annual Bus & Tram Pass….Adult.

Pay as you go Daily cap Weekly cap (Monday to Sunday)
£1.65 £4.95 £23.30

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How much can your leap card go into minus?

Personalised cards for use with period tickets are provided free-of-charge but without any credit. Customers can only use the card for e-purse transactions when the card is in credit; although a fare can bring the card to a negative balance of up to -€5.

What happens if you don’t tap off the Luas?

Touch On before and Touch Off after every Luas journey at the Luas Stop to have a validated TFI Leap Card for your journey. Failure to produce a valid ticket or validated TFI Leap Card when asked to do so by authorised Luas staff will result in you being issued with a Standard Fare Notice for €100.

What happens if you forget to tap off Leap card?

When you Touch-Off the appropriate amount is refunded to your card. If you forget to Touch-Off, the default fare will be the final fare charged for the journey. You can check your Travel Credit balance and Top-Up your TFI Leap Card at ticket machines in stations in Dublin (Cork coming soon).

Can you use a Leap Card on expressway?

Leap Card on Expressway Leap Card travel credit may be used to purchase Single tickets on board Expressway services. There is no discount when paying with a Leap Card, but it may be used as a handy method of contactless payment when purchasing Single tickets.

What happens if you forget to tap off Leap Card?

Does contactless have a daily cap?

If you don’t you may be charged a maximum fare. If you use contactless, always use the same card or device. If you don’t, we can’t cap your fares. For example, if you pay with a mobile device on Monday and a contactless card on Tuesday, these fares won’t count towards a weekly cap.