Where can I use my hawk card?

Where can I use my hawk card?

HawkCASH can be used for on-campus purchases at the Campus Vending Machines, University Bookstore, Print Services, Campus Copy Machines, Health Services, Mail Services, The Hungry Hawk, Sports Center Concessions, all food store locations, and all on-campus dining locations.

What is my SJU ID number?

Your SJU ID number can be found on the label of many university mailings, including the SJU Magazine. If you do not have access to a recent mailing featuring your SJU ID, you can request it by filling out the form located on the Contact Us page and clicking the “I Need My ID” checkbox.

What is a storm card?

Your Storm Card acts like a debit card. You choose a plan, add funds, and use your card to make purchases on campus, including: StormDollars Plan – This plan allows you to make purchases at campus dining locations (The Campus Cafe and The Campus Cup), campus vending machines ,and at TCC printers.

How do I access my St Johns email?

To access Office 365, open your internet browser of choice and go to the web address https://login.microsoftonline.com. Log in using your St. John’s University email and it should bring you to the Office 365 homepage.

Does a storm card count itself?

The storm copies are put directly onto the stack—they aren’t cast. That means the copies don’t generate storm copies themselves, and they aren’t counted by other storm spells cast later during the turn.

What happens when you copy a storm card?

Short answer: neither copy effect copies the copies made by the other. They only copy the one original spell. Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you may pay {1}. If you do, copy that spell.

How do I log into SJU mobile Wi-Fi?

Wireless Access Turn WiFi ON and choose the wireless network called “sjuwireless.” Enter your NEST username and password when prompted and choose join.

Do copied spells count for storm?

The storm ability only counts spells that are cast. It does not count when copies of spells are put on the stack. For example, if a Lightning Bolt is played, and it is copied by Reverberate, only two spells have been cast. The copy of Lightning Bolt that was created by Reverberate will not be counted.

Why is storm so powerful MTG?

What makes storm so powerful is that each copy of the spell then needs to be countered individually if you don’t want the effect to happen. Even if the original spell with storm gets countered, storm triggers when the spell is cast, so all the other copies will still go on the stack.

What happens if I copy Grapeshot?

The choice is made at resolution, in fact the copied breaking point will go off before the original. Neither, first the copy of grapeshot will resolve first, and will only do 1 point of damage. The spell grapeshot only does 1 point of damage, the storm effect just makes copies of the spell.

Can you counter storm copies?

A copy of a spell can be countered, just like any other spell, but each copy has to be countered individually. Countering a storm spell won’t counter the copies of it.