Can you put a TV on a fireplace TV stand?

Can you put a TV on a fireplace TV stand?

Electric fireplace TV stands combine a typical TV stand with an electric fireplace insert to create one appliance that allows you to place a TV on top of the unit, and to store any other media appliances or other decorations within the shelving and cupboard spaces, while also being able to enjoy the look and experience …

Can I put TV above fireplace?

Mount Your TV Above an Open-Fireplace In most cases, you should not install electronics above wood-burning stoves or gas fireplaces and inserts because they produce massive amounts of heat. That heat could severely damage your tv or other electronic devices.

Do you need a TV stand for a mounted TV?

Regardless, unless your home entertainment components are invisible, you need a TV stand.

What size TV fits over a fireplace?

In our experience, the fireplace should be a little wider (6-8 inches) than the TV. This allows the wall to frame the TV, while offering sleek lines for the edges of the fireplace. Having more space beyond the TV edges can sometimes make the TV look too small for the wall it is on.

Are fireplace TV stands worth it?

Over time, your TV stand with electric fireplace can actually pay for itself. Especially if it’s replacing a the mess and hassle of a traditional fireplace with a chimney. So even though it may cost slightly more than a standard TV stand, the investment is worth it in the end.

Can you put TV on fireplace mantel?

The short answer is – yes. However, to ensure your television isn’t damaged from the heat, care must be taken to ensure heat generated by the fireplace is redirected away from television. There are several ways to do this, such as installing a proper mantel and building an alcove for the television.

Is it better to mount a TV on the wall or have it on a stand?

Wall mounts are especially great for saving space. If you’re a minimalist, mounting your television to the wall saves you having to add an additional piece of furniture. If you’re living in smaller quarters, mounting the television allows you to easily fit a big screen into a petite room.

Should your TV be bigger than your fireplace?

To be more visually appealing, a fireplace should be at least 6-8 inches bigger than the TV. For this reason, many homeowners choose to install longer electric fireplaces.

Are electric fireplace TV stands tacky?

Q – Are electric fireplaces tacky? A- Not anymore! When electric fireplaces were first released they were visibly cheap and had obviously fake flame effects. Modern electric fireplaces such as the Regency Skope series are specifically designed to suit any modern home and offer realistic 3-dimensional displays.