Is MMCT and BCT same?

Is MMCT and BCT same?

It was renamed Bombay Central (local) after the construction of the long-distance Bombay Central Terminus (BCT) on the eastern side. On 1 Feb 2018, a resolution was passed to change the station code from BCT to MMCT.

What station is before Sion?

Sion railway station (India)

Preceding station MSR Following station
Matunga toward Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Central Line Main Line Kurla toward Kalyan

What station code is used by the railway station?

List of Indian Railways stations

Station code Station name Trains passing through
ACND A N Dev Nagar 14
AHA Abhaipur 28
AYU Abhayapuri Asam
ABS Abohar 9

Which station code is SCL?

Silchar railway station

Other information
Status Functioning
Station code SCL
Zone(s) Northeast Frontier Railway zone

What is BCT division?

Divisions. Western Railway Divisional Officers- Operating & Commercial Department. Mumbai Central (BCT) Senior Divisional Operations Manager.

Why Sion is called Shiv?

The word शीव means border. This place is to the north of Dadar and thus signified the “end/border” of Mumbai in old times. Therefore, it is called शीव. The Britishers corrupted it to Sion.

What is SCL in railway?

Special casual leave is admissible to both the permanent and temporary employees. Like casual leave, it is not a recognised leave or is subject to any rule under the leave rules applicable to the Railway employees. Full pay is admissible during the period when the employee is on special casual leave.