Is there a free version of NX?

Is there a free version of NX?

NX student software offers a range of functions to get you industry ready, completely free.

How much does NX cost for personal use?

NX is a modular product with a design version and a manufacturing version. The design version, NX Core Designer is $3,444 a year. NX Advanced Designer includes Core Designer but has more features, such as outing, shaping, and surface analysis tools, and sells for $6,912 a year.

How long is the Siemens NX student trial?

a 30 day trial
Unless I’m wrong and NX and the student version of NX is just a 30 day trial.

How can I download NX for free?

How to access

  1. Visit our download page here.
  2. Sign up with an account. You can either create your own, or sign in with your Google or LinkedIn account.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Download NX and start designing.

Is NX 12 free?

We are extremely excited to provide a free version of NX to you, and we can’t wait to hear what you can accomplish with NX. If you are curious on what our customers are creating with NX, please take a look at our Digital Journeys article where we showcase customers of ours who are taking full advantage of NX.

Is there a student version of NX?

NX Student Edition software, you can model products with 3D CAD and learn machine tool programming to gain insight into how products are manufactured – all using a single integrated software solution.

How long is NX Student Edition?

The latest version of NX Student Edition (based on NX1926) is now available! The license is valid until July 31, 2021!

Which is better CATIA or NX?

Unigraphics NX wins hands down. It has more options and control then CATIA or ProE. Working with NX gives you more in depth control and better imaging then any other CAx tool present in the market.

Which is better NX or Creo?

Creo includes advanced design tools for augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and additive manufacturing. In contrast, Siemens NX doesn’t include the extensive tools necessary to support these types of designs.