How do you use tact in a sentence?

How do you use tact in a sentence?

Tact sentence example

  1. This miracle was achieved by tact and management.
  2. He had constant encounters with the mob, but his tact and courage never failed.
  3. His tact was equal to his learning.
  4. The dukedom offered him by George II., whose ill-will his fine tact had overcome, was refused.

How do you use Team in a sentence?

Team sentence example

  1. A good leader makes a good team the best, as my father says.
  2. I was on the chess team in college.
  3. I’ll send a team to help you.
  4. The team was harnessed and ready to go.
  5. We’re short handed so you wind up taking care of your own team and wagon.
  6. He’s been working on the same team for years.

What is a good sentence for diversity?

Diversity sentence example. We are trying to create diversity in the workplace. Our oceans are home to a rich diversity of species. It is the diversity of wildlife that many travel to Africa to see.

What is a sentence for the word unusual?

Unusual sentence example. It was unusual having nothing to do. Well, that’s an unusual name. Talking with Fritz was better than nothing, but this young man had an unusual way of thinking.

What’s meaning of tact?

Definition of tact 1 : a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense. 2 : sensitive mental or aesthetic perception converted the novel into a play with remarkable skill and tact.

What words have tact in them?

7 letter words containing tact

  • contact.
  • tactics.
  • tactile.
  • tactful.
  • tactual.
  • atactic.
  • taction.
  • stactes.

What is the sentence of cast?

(1) They have canvassed the votes cast carefully. (2) She cast a welcoming smile in his direction. (3) He cast about for an escape route. (4) He is cast in his father’s mold.

How do you use cluster in a sentence?

1 She held a cluster of flowers in her arms. 2 Have a look at the cluster of galaxies in this photograph. 3 The illustration shows a cluster of five roses coloured apricot orange. 4 A cluster of children stood around the ice cream van.

What is diversity kid definition?

Diversity means differences. People may be different in many ways, including race or ethnicity, age, disabilities, language, culture, appearance, or religion.

What is the sentence of different?

1, The room looks different without the furniture. 2, There are different categories of books in the library. 3, My son’s terribly untidy; my daughter’s no different. 4, It’s very different to what I’m used to.

How do you make a sentence unique?

highly unusual or rare but not the single instance.

  1. The machine’s unique design prevents it from overheating.
  2. Every boring hour in life is unique.
  3. His style of singing is rather unique.
  4. I am ordinary yet unique.
  5. This phenomenon is unique in nature.
  6. Sometimes, the everlasting hate have no unique period.