Is zero-point energy a real thing?

Is zero-point energy a real thing?

The Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is an intrinsic and unavoidable part of quantum physics. The ZPE has been studied, both theoretically and experimentally, since the discovery of quantum mechanics in the 1920s and there can be no doubt that the ZPE is a real physical effect.

Is a zero point module possible?

No other known race is known to have harnessed Zero Point Energy without using ZPMs or ZPM-based technologies (as in the case of the Project Arcturus, or the later project developed by Dr. McKay and his sister). The devices are also one of the few known technologies that can power Ancient technology.

What if we could harness zero-point energy?

Powered by the infinite amounts of zero-point energy, we’d be able to go across the Solar System in a matter of hours. We could start mining asteroids, and terraforming other planets.

Is zero-point energy dark energy?

The steady and dynamic states are studied for a spherical cloud of zero point energy photons. The ‘antigravitational’ force due to its pressure gradient then represents dark energy, and its gravitational force due to the energy density represents dark matter. Four fundamental results come out of the theory.

Is zero-point energy renewable?

Although no zero-point-energy devices can be made, there are a variety of renewable or long-term usable energy sources, all of which could be improved with further technical developments.

How much power is in a ZPM?

This translates to approx 3.2 Billion KW, or 3.2 TeraWatts This is only for engine operation, for two and a half hours.

Where did Atlantis get ZPM?

After the Asurans attacked and subsequently occupied Atlantis, Atlantis 1 was able to destroy the Asurans and acquire the ZPMs. Despite McKay’s vehement protests, two were sent back to Earth (one to power the Antarctic outpost and another to power the Odyssey), while one remained on Atlantis.

Who discovered zero-point energy?

Max Planck
Max Planck introduced the concept of zero-point energy in spring 1911. In the early struggles to establish the concept of the energy-quantum, it provided a helpful heuristic principle, to guide as well as supplement the efforts of some leading physicists in understanding the laws that applied in the atomic domain.

How do you find the zero point vibrational energy?

In order to determine experimentally the zero-point energy (ZPE=1/2∑hνi) and the value ZPE+H(T)−H(0) it is generally necessary to know all the frequencies of the normal vibration modes obtained by IR and Raman spectroscopy.

Can a ZPM be recharged?

We do know that they can’t be recharged. They draw power from an artificial subspace region that they are tied to (presumably when created). Once that region has reached maximum entropy, the ZPM is dead. There is no indication that the ZPMs had any significant difference in maximum charge.

How is the Stargate powered?

The Stargate is essentially an enormous superconductor, capable of harnessing power from a wide variety of energy sources, especially direct electrical current.