Which subjects are best for IFS?

Which subjects are best for IFS?

IFS Main Exam:

S.No. Optional Subject (Top 10 Popular Subject)
1 Chemistry
2 Electrical Engineering
3 Physics
4 Agriculture

Which subject is best for Indian Foreign Service after 10th?

If you mean Indian foreign service,I recommend go for political science, Humanities, international relations etc.,not science stream. If you aspire for Forest service,go for science… Botany, Zoology etc.

How many papers are there in Indian Foreign Service?

Paper I—General English 300 Marks. Paper II—General Knowledge 300 Marks. Papers III, IV, V and VI. —Any two subjects to be selected from the list of the optional subjects set out in para 2 below.

Which subject is easy for IFS?

Best case scenario would be to choose an optional of your graduation + Forestry (syllabus is manageable and interesting to study ). Geology/agri/ botany are other popular subjects among students.

Do you need science for IFS?

The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any of the following subjects/ disciplines. Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects as Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science. Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects as Botany.

How can I prepare for IFS after 12th?

How to Become an IFS Officer after 12th? A Guide to Getting Your Dream Job

  1. Understand the Educational Qualification Required.
  2. Start Preparing for UPSC Exam.
  3. Enrol in a Coaching Centre.
  4. Update Yourself with Current Affairs.
  5. Know the Age Limit.
  6. Develop Communication and People Managing Skills.
  7. Learn from Successful Candidates.

Is IFS exam easy?

Yes Indian forest service is little bit easy than IAS because in forest service you don’t have any optional subject… In forest service you have less syallbus in comparison with IAS… But in forest service you need alots of hard work, note making, practice etc..

Which subject is best for IFS in Class 11?

Arts Subjects such as History, Civics/Polity (if it’s there separately), Geography…..Apart from that, keep a close eye on the developments in science and tech.

Which optional is best for IFS exam?

List of Optional Subjects for IFS Main Exam:

  • Civil Engineering.
  • Forestry.
  • Geology.
  • Mathematics.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Physics.
  • Statistics.
  • Zoology.

Can IFS officer live with his family?

The IFS officers are not able to spend time with their families and by the time they come back to India, they have spent the prime time of their lives away. In many cases, families move along with them but not everybody does so due to constraints like schooling, socializing, etc.

What is IFS salary?

around 60000 INR
An IFS Officer’s overall salary would be around 60000 INR including all the perks and allowances. This amount varies again depending on the country they are posted.

Is IFS a stressful job?

An IFS officer is the one who represents the nation in various countries. So, you should mold your personality accordingly. The benefits and perks are very eye-catching but the responsibilities are very stressful.