Does presonus FaderPort work with Logic Pro X?

Does presonus FaderPort work with Logic Pro X?

In order to use the Faderport Classic in Logic X, you must either install our Native FaderPort Classic support file or set it up as a Mackie HUI Device. NOTE: In Native Mode, you will see an entry in Controller Setup for the Faderport, but no image of the Faderport like you see in previous versions.

How do I connect presonus FaderPort to logic?

  1. Go to Logic > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Setup.
  2. In the Setup window, go to New > Install.
  3. Select PreSonus FaderPort from the list of control surfaces and click “Add”, then close the device list window.
  4. Set the Output Port to “FaderPort and the Input Port to “FaderPort”

Can you use presonus with logic?

Presonus just released their beta version of MCU/HUI DAW firmware with emphasis on Logic. Now not only is it an awesome digital audio interface and incredible digital mixer but also serves as a control surface with just a button click (I loaded it yesterday – and it all works).

What does a Fader Port do?

The Faderport has multiple options in the transport section – your classics like mute, solo, play, and record… …and even some more advanced functions like the channel automation mode, record enable, and undo. The Faderport also has an input for a footswitch that you can use to “punch in” and record at any moment.

Does reaper work with presonus Faderport 16?

It works now. And I got it working in all my DAWs now (Reaper, Cakewalk by BandLab, StudioOne 4 and Mixbus 32C).

Is the FaderPort 16 worth it?

PreSonus FaderPort 16 with Studio Artist Pro This is a very useful addition to my system running a PreSonus 1824c interface. I really like the idea of having the footswitch to start and stop recording when I’m going solo. It is also super useful when writing automation in “real time” to different tracks.

Is FaderPort USB powered?

Additionally, it provides Mackie HUI and Mackie Control Universal protocols, ensuring compatibility with Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro, Nuendo, Pro Tools, and more. The FaderPort connects via USB 2.0 and is powered via the included 12 VDC external power supply.

Does reaper work with PreSonus FaderPort 16?

How do I connect my FaderPort 16 to Ableton?

How do I set up my PreSonus FaderPort in Ableton LIVE?

  1. Go to Options | Preferences.
  2. Choose the MIDI/Sync tab and set the Control Surface to Mackie Control and the Input and Output to “USB Audio Device” (PC) or “FaderPort” (Mac).

Does the presonus FaderPort work with Reaper?

There is a community driven effort on the Reaper forums that provides support for FaderPort in Reaper. Find out more information here. If you have further questions about the FaderPort Series with Reaper, please know that Reaper community developed their own Native device profile for the Faderport Classic.

Does reaper work with presonus FaderPort 16?