How much shade does a clivia need?

How much shade does a clivia need?

full shade
They enjoy a position in full shade, but will tolerate dappled shade or a bit of morning sun. When used as patio plants, clivias grow best in containers with a diameter of between 10-25cm. Plant in a compost-rich, sandy soil mix. Make sure the container will drain well.

Can you cut back clivias?

HOW TO PRUNE CLIVIAS. Once flowering season is finished, cut back the flowers right at the base of the stem. It is also a good time to clean up the rest of the plant by removing any yellowed, brown or damaged leaves.

How often does clivia bloom?

It’s time to get them blooming. Water well and once new growth with fresh leaves in the plant’s center, feed weekly with soluble liquid fertilizer at one-fourth the strength you’ll see listed on the label. Your clivia will bloom in March or April but when young, they can hold off blooming until mid-summer.

Do clivias like sun or shade?

Clivias will grow in shade, but may become ‘leggy’ if grown in deep shade. They will still flower, but not prolifically. Aim for good light in autumn and spring, but avoid strong sunlight in the summer months. Best grown in fertile, well-drained soil.

Can you put clivia outside?

While most clivias are grown as interesting houseplants, in suitable locations they can be grown as outdoor container plants. However, they must be brought indoors for overwintering.

Why is clivia expensive?

Prices are high, he added, for a reason. “It is not an easy plant to propagate, and a flowering clivia will be several years old,” Wadsworth said. “It takes a lot of inputs to get a plant up to flowering size.”

Do clivias multiply?

Clivia’s natural multiplication by offsets. Clivias are one of many plants that produce offsets. These are the tiny plants that cluster around the base of the mother plant and grow up to be exactly like their parent.

How often should I water clivia?

During the spring and summer growing seasons, a clivia needs regular watering but should be allowed to become dry to the touch between waterings. An automatic weekly watering will often be too much and can cause rot. Fertilize once a month with a half-strength dilute solution of 20-20-20 fertilizer.

How often should clivia be watered?

How long can a clivia plant live?

Clivia is also known as forest lily, because in its native country of South Africa, it originates from woodland. Clivia can live for many years and grows to around 45cm high and 30-40cm wide.

How often should you water clivia?