What is the meaning of word stubble?

What is the meaning of word stubble?

Definition of stubble 1 : the basal part of herbaceous plants and especially cereal grasses remaining attached to the soil after harvest. 2 : a rough surface or growth resembling stubble especially : a short growth of beard. Other Words from stubble Example Sentences Phrases Containing stubble Learn More About stubble.

What type of word is stubble?

short, coarse hair, especially on a man’s face. the short stalks left in a field after crops have been harvested.

What is Takla called in English?

The Correct Meaning of Takla in English is Spindle. Other similar words for Takla include Takla, Takli, Mehwar and Dhara.

What is the English word for Pulli?

sweater. (Translation of Pulli from the GLOBAL German–English Dictionary © 2018 K Dictionaries Ltd)

Is stubble facial hair?

Stubble is the somewhat ambiguous length of facial hair between clean-shaven and a short beard. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, stubble can be anything between a few days and a couple of weeks of growth.

What is stubble Class 9?

Stubble is Lower ends of grain stalks left in the ground after harvesting.

What’s a synonym of stubble?

brush. fuzz. goatee. imperial. five-o-clock shadow.

What do we call a person with no hair?

Bald describes a person as having no or little hair on their head. Bald also means to lose one’s hair and describes something as being out in the open or not hidden. Bald has several other senses as an adjective and one as a noun. A bald person lacks hair on their head.

What is puli puli in English?

puli-puli. puli-puli : take turns (v.) puli [pú.li.] : alternate (n.); proxy (n.); substitute (n.); understudy (n.)

How long is a stubble?

between 1 mm and 3 mm
Tip: A smart stubble is normally between 1 mm and 3 mm Once you’ve selected a length, evening out the beard across your face will achieve that clean-looking stubble beard style. Trim all-over by using your beard trimmer and comb against the grain.

How do you clean stubble?

Pick your weapon This is either going to be an electric shaver or a beard trimmer. If your stubble grows fast and full enough to cover the face by morning, you can shave with an electric shaver at night. It’s also good for cleaning up the neckline and cheek lines in the A.M.—more on that below.

What is stubble burning in India?

Stubble burning also known as Parali in local language is a practice of intentionally setting fire to the crop residue that includes stems (stubble), leaves, stalks, and seed pods of the yielded crops such as paddy. It is usually being done in the areas where combined harvesting methods are used.

Why stubble is burnt?

The major reason behind the stubble burning is the short time available between rice harvesting and sowing of wheat as delay in sowing wheat affects the wheat crop. Between the harvesting of the paddy crop and the sowing of the next crop, there is only a two to three weeks’ time window is left.

What are antonyms for stubble?


  • gather.
  • achromatic.
  • uncover.

What’s the meaning of Venthayam in English?

Meaning of fenugreek in English. fenugreek.

What is the difference between puli and Kaduva?

‘Puli’ means not only leopard (“pullippuli”,”പുള്ളിപ്പുലി”) but also tiger. Kaduva(tiger) is a puli(“varayan puli”,”വരയൻ പുലി”). Because of the same we use ‘kaduva'(tiger) in ‘pulikkali'(there is no ‘puli in pulikkali’),and also God ‘Ayyapa’ uses puli as his ‘vahanam’ (but shows the picture of tiger’.